Sposa controvoglia, costretta dal padre, Joffrey de Peyrac, conte di Tolosa , ricchissimo e dotato di innumerevoli talenti poeta, cantante dalla voce suadente, scienziato ma sfigurato e zoppo. Lei si ritrova reietta a Parigi e diventa la regina della pitoccheria con il soprannome di "Marchesa degli Angeli ". Ricca, ma considerata borghese , non si accontenta della sua condizione. Filippo del Plessis si lascia morire durante una battaglia , dopo aver dato ad Angelica il suo terzo figlio.

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Start your review of Angelique Angelique: Original version, 1 Write a review Shelves: , vintage-lit , hfth-century I know. Just look at the cover, right? Please allow me to explain. I recognized all the names except that one. The cover art made me want to run away, screaming, but the summary made it sound like very interesting historical fiction. I read some reviews I know.

I read some reviews on various sites, and was shocked. She inspired vacations and relocations to France. And more than one person loudly announced, "Ignore the cover art! It continues through her marriage to Comte de Peyrac de Morens, the birth of her two children, the death of her husband, and her struggle to survive as a single mother. I really wonder what could have happened to this book if it had had a different marketing plan. Everything about how it is presented is just so wrong. Readers expecting a bodice ripper with a bit of history would be very disappointed.

This is an intricate multi-layered story and very well written. I think it even almost qualifies as a literary novel. The writing is well done, the characters are well developed, the storytelling is compelling, and the historical detail is superb.


Anne y Serge Golon – Saga Angelica

It was built in about and was originally named after a provost of Paris, Philippe Hamelin, forming an important part of the city wall constructed by Philippe-Auguste, then King of France. Details are still being clarified, but the way now seems clear for Anne to re-publish the books and publish previously unpublished works - and be assured of income from sales. That two such remarkable people should be attracted to each other is not surprising, but the fact that they found each other is. The paths of the attractive Frenchwoman and the charming man who was born in Persia would finally cross in Africa, but both had already tasted adventure long before they met. Anne was born in December in the southern France port of Toulon, where her father, a captain in the French navy, was posted.


Angélique - Version Originale Series

Los libros estaban escritos por el matrimonio formado por Anne y Serge Golon. De segunda mano se puede encontrar alguno. Acaba convirtiendo en la jefa de los ladronzuelos de la capital. A lo largo de sus aventuras tiene varios romances pero la sombra de su primer marido siempre esta presente. La riqueza del conde, y el descubrimiento del secreto del cofrecillo, despiertan en la corte las envidias y el miedo. Ahora es una esclava. Vendida como esclava, en una subasta, consigue escapar, para de nuevo caer en las manos del Rey de Marruecos.

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