Conclusions Modern, interactive visualization software allows one to precisely plan the treatment, to control its course and to specify its effects. A comparative evaluation of gutta percha removal and extrusion of apical debris by rotary and hand files. Cone beam computed tomography has created a specific revolution in maxillofacial imaging, facilitating the transition of diagnosis from 2D to 3D, and expanded the role of imaging from diagnosis to the possibility of actual planning. A comparative study of the accuracy and reliability of multidetector computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography in the assessment of dental implant site dimensions.

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Zulkik Direct pulp capping with a dentin bonding system in human teeth: The program offers a library with more than different implants and abutments, a 3D transparency tool for investigation of the position of the nerve towards the implants, and precise assessment of bone density. The effect of etching on bacterial microleakage of an adhesive composite restoration.

Conservation of human research teeth by controlling cavity depth. A histological comparison of a new pulp capping material and mineral trioxide aggregate in rat molars. Nowa Stomatologia ; A clinical study of direct pulp capping applied to carious exposed pulps. InVivo Dental Anatomage is easy to use and quickly visualizes transparent hard tissue, detailed bone profile, soft tissues, sinus anatomy, airways and skin profiles.

Comparing the effects of mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium enriched mixture on neuronal cells using an electrophysiological approach. The effect of calcium hydroxide on solubilisation of bioactive dentine Matrix components. Direct contact with mineral trioxide aggregate activates and differentiates human dental pulp cells. A model study on flapless implant placement by clinicians with a different experience level in implant surgery. Tooth survival following non-surgical root canal treatment: Deep caries lesions after incomplete dentine caries removal: Dental cone beam scans offer invaluable information about maxillofacial structures and are currently used in all fields of dentistry including endodontics and orthodontics.

Assessment of the quality of the bone comprises the thickness of cortical bone and characteristics of trabecular bones, which is an important factor because it contributes to implant stability [ 13 — 19 ].

It provides an esthetic visualization of the implants. Bone regeneration in dentistry. Post-surgery visualization of augmentation of bone defect in mandible using InVivo Anatomage software. E-mail do autora Logowanie jest wymagane. The effects of dehydration and rehydration on some mechanical properties of human dentin. J Public Health Dent. A comparative study of histologic response to different pulp capping materials and a novel endodontic cement. In many cases, these defects could not be detected or adequately diagnosed on conventional 2D przedpezka.

Results Application of 3-dimensional imaging technologies InVivo Anatomage, SimPlant Materialise have enabled wide and precise diagnosis, reducing operative time, possibility of monitoring the patients treated using advanced methods of tissue engineering, early implant treatment planning and consequently higher operator self-confidence and greater safety for the patient.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. Visualization of implants placement in the mandible using InVivo Anatomage software. Additionally, these simulations can be captured as videos and saved for records or used at subsequent appointments. Support Center Support Center. Qualification of patients with initial infectious outbreak in oral cavity for surgical procedures. Post-cystectomy visualization of maxillary bone defect augmented with autogenic pre-osteoblasts on allogenic scaffold using InVivo anatomage software.

Aim In this article methods of visualization are demonstrated and compared, in the example of advanced cases of jaw bone defect reconstruction using tissue przeepeska.

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