At the time of writing, this luxurious model has been in production for more than years. While sharing many parts with its cousin, the VW Golf, the A3 stands alone thanks to its sporty styling, luxury appointed interior, and a variety of performance variants. Body styles include a 3-door hatchback, a 5-door Sportback, a 5-door Saloon, and a rumored 2-door coupe for the model. The future looks bright for the A3, thanks to an upcoming gen-4 release said to include a hybrid model, as well as an all-electric variant.

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At higher speeds, the lock in the N position is automatically switched off. The selector lever is not locked when rapid shifts are made through the N position e. This allows you to "rock" the vehicle if it becomes stuck. If the lever is in the N position for more than 1 second with the brake pedal not depressed, the selector lock engages automatically.

The release button in the selector lever handles prevents accidental shifts into certain selector lever positions. When you press the release button, the selector lever lock is cancel led. In the illustration, the positions in which the release button has to be pressed are highlighted in color - page , fig. Switching to manual can be carried out with the vehicle stationary as well as moving. When accelerating, the transmission shifts into the next gear in gears 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 shortly before the maximum permissible engine speed is reached.

The selector paddles on the steering wheel are activated when the selector lever on the center console is in D, S, or in the manual position Tiptronic mode. You can also shift gears in the Tiptronic mode using the selector lever on the center console.

In the event of system malfunctions, the automatic transmission switches to the fail-safe mode. This is signaled by one segment or all the segments in the display illuminating or going out. The effect of a system malfunction can be one of the following: The program shifts only into certain gears. Reverse gear can no longer be engaged. The manual shift program tiptronic is switched off in the failsafe mode. Audi Models.


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