Page 1 E 2 Page 2 Precautions Location Using the unit in the following locations can result in a malfunction. Page 5 Tuner Bypass, Mute Page 6 Specifications Page 10 When you press a button, its LED will blink; now you can use value knobs 1—5 to edit the effect Page 12 3.

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Korg AX5G - page 3 W elcome! To ensure a long and troub le-free relationship with your AX5G, please read this manual carefully , and use it as di Korg AX5G - page 6 6 4. V alue knob In Edit mode, use this knob to adjust the v alue of a parameter. In Write mode, you can use this knob to specify the writing-destination f or the program. In Program mode, this knob acts as the master v olume. Progr am Up switch In Program mode , use this to select programs. The progr am number will increase each time you press While the po wer is on, the displa y will indicate the program number or other inf or mation.

Basic connections Be sure to make all connection Korg AX5G - page 8 8 3. Press the Prog ram Up or Program Do wn switch to select a prog ram. When you mo ve the pedal up or do wn while performing, the sound of the program Korg AX5G - page 12 12 4. Advance pedal 5. The pedal will return by itself when you remov e your foot.

The display will Korg AX5G - page 14 Bienv enue! Dans le mode Write, utilisez ces boutons pour enregistrer un programme. Dans le m Korg AX5G - page 22 22 2.

Jouez une note av ec votre guitare. Si v otre guitare est trop haute la led Progr am Up clignotera. Si votre guitare est trop basse, la led Prog ram Down clignotera.

Tr oubles de fonctionnement Av ant de susp Korg AX5G - page 26 W illkommen! Und bei aktiver Stimmfunktion dienen sie zum Einstellen der Kammertonfrequenz. Anwahl eines Speichers 1. Aktiviere den Program-Modus.

Spiele eine Note auf der Gitarr Korg AX5G - page 36 36 2. Nimm die Ha


Manual en español Korg AX3000G

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The program name is saved as part of each program. Executing this procedure will erase all the programs you created and saved in the AXG, and will load the factory-set programs. If you want to turn off an effect that is currently on, press the effect category button for that effect it will blinkand then press the button again to turn the effect off the LED will go dark ; Manuual text from picture: If something does slip into the equipment, unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet. This indicates a parameter that you can control from the expression pedal. Then when necessary, you can re-transmit that data back to the AXG to restore it. In Program Select mode, you can press and hold the Bank Up switch which turns on Individual mode the LED located at the upper left of the switch will light green.


Korg AX3000G User Manual

Doujind The pages of the Reference manual to be referred to are shown on. Got it, continue to print. Upon finishing format of the current drive, set internal clock to the present time by procedure explained below. Connecting Cables included in the package to protect the hard disk from building up static electricity and dust.

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