Nikotaur The relationship with the mom I especially like and Jackson was kind of sweet. Open Preview See a Problem? It breahting an ok reading. Savannah would be happy to spend the summer in her coastal Carolina town working at the library and lying in hervsman hammock reading her beloved romance novels. There were hints and clues in some areas but I really had to look through the book, read between the lines, to really get that he was uncertain. Savannah would be happy spending the summer working at the library and reading.

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Unlike most stories about long distance relationships, this one inspires hope. She embodies the typical teenage girl, full of insecurities and hopes. Unlike most girls, though, Savannah has severe asthma. Savannah was content to be by herself for the summer: working, reading romance novels, and watching out for her little brother.

Then she met Jackson Channing. When Savannah collapses after an asthma attack, Jackson stays by her side the whole time she is in the hospital.

He seems like the perfect boyfriend, and he is. That is, until he is called away to help out with his family back home. Ever since Jackson arrived her breathing seems to be doing better. Will Savannah help Jackson realize that he should go after his dream, no matter what it takes? Will Savannah finally learn to breathe on her own?

Breathing is the perfect debut novel by Cheryl Renee Herbsman. Not only is it told in witty Southern dialect but it is full of lovable characters that embody the traits of the South.

Breathing will be available on April The sudden ache when you know that you are just meant to be, but the world prevents it. Or maybe just yourself? Its the feeling that maybe you just are not good enough to be with that person that steals your breath or soul away.

But, lets aim for the positive. Breathing captured the essence of tender touches, ripping heartache, and soft caresses in one stunning novel. Savannah was a poignant teen with an adorable sense of humor that Breathing was a tale of young love that steals your breath away. She reacts like what many teenagers do; the author captured this upcoming blossom beautifully. Child like innocence, random tempers, as well as the hidden love for her family. Her courageous stunts, her friendship, wrapped her personality with a tight red bow.

But Savannah sometimes needed to grow a bit more—act more mature. She became too dependent on Jackson that she completely forgets her like pre-Jackson. Her free time circles around him even though he was not there—finding him jobs, phoning him constantly. Jackson was a one man army.

He was the perfect counterbalance to Savannah. The ever steady rock that held her to the world that kept her breathing. He was sometimes, however, eluding me when I tried to grab his essence. The relationship between these two was an up and down roller coaster. I did felt that the beginning could have been expended more.

A more in-depth development—a few more words exchanged and some time between them to grow. The transition scenes were iffy and abrupt at points. And their relationship was, sad to same, was childish.

Every scene was too melodramatic and I just wanted to turn the dial down a slight notch. The Southern drawl was adorable within itself but felt a little much at times. What I greatly love the family relationship. I can relate to it wholesomely. Sure, teens may all hide it, but in the end we truly do love our parent[s:].

And the author portrayed it in a beautiful fashion by creating a scenario where one boy can bring you all closer. Overall: A great book that missed its mark a few times, but still delivered a powerful message.






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