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If your browser does not support JavaScript, please read the page content below: www. Minicom is the lightweight compact solution for photographers who already own broncolor equipment or want to move up to the broncolor system in the future. Its high light output and compact format create new opportunities in the studio and on location. The finest components, microprocessor control, and careful assembly guarantee the ultimate in functionality and reliability even under difficult conditions — an investment that starts paying off right away.

With two output levels and J , Minicom offers sufficient reserves for optimum lighting in many situations. Minicom units can be operated at different mains voltages. For outdoor shooting, they can be powered from a car battery or generator V version.

Using the built-in infrared receiver, all Minicom units can be triggered wirelessly using a broncolor infrared transmitter. Eight digital radio channels can be selected, ensuring that even in large studios, the signal will be reliably transmitted and will not inadvertently trigger other flash units. Now you can enter lighting corrections directly on screen: simply load the appropriate software and connect the RFS transceiver to an USB port.

Four computer memory locations are available for storing lighting situations. Minicom compact units are compatible with most current broncolor power packs and light shapers. Attachments can be quickly mounted and removed using the patented bayonet with release button. Especially when rectangular reflectors and barn doors are used for light control, degree rotation capability is a great advantage. All in all, Minicom is a compact, easily transportable addition to existing broncolor configurations, and ideal as an initial purchase for newcomers to the profession.

Compact and flexible. Despite its compact design, Minicom is a big light — but small enough to take with you anywhere. It has enough power to provide perfect illumination for many jobs: in the studio and on location, for professional portraits and stills, for advertising and fashion, and for digital or analogue photography.

The acoustic ready signal can be switched off as required, or replaced by a dim or boost function. Short flash durations are an absolute necessity for uniform exposure. Total flash duration t 0.

The effective flash duration t0. The adjustment range can optionally be expanded to a total of 5 stops. Energy is discharged internally when power is reduced; that decreases stress on the flash tube and ensures that the selected amount of light is always available. Photographers who travel a lot will appreciate the mains voltage selector which adjusts automatically to local line voltages. It works anywhere in the world, from V to V, even at different frequencies.

The modelling light must be adjusted to the appropriate mains voltage. An acoustic alarm sounds if the mains voltage changes. To prevent overloading on poor-quality mains systems, the unit can be switched to slow charging. The technical data for each Minicom is optimised for a specific mains voltage range V or V. Charging times will be longer if the unit is operated at the alternative mains voltage range.

In addition, operating the unit at V will result in a reduction of maximum flash energy. The clearly organised control panel displays every setting at a glance: selected power level, modelling light mode, ready status of photocell and IR receiver radio receiver also in RFS version. Large LEDs indicate the various additional functions series of up to 50 flashes, dim or boost function, acoustic ready signal, slow charging.

The illuminated dustproof LCD display and silicone keys are easy to read even in dim light. A new feature is the ability to adjust photocell sensitivity. Minicom has a ready buzzer which may be switched off. Calibrated flash energy output control means that exposures can be repeated at any time under identical lighting conditions. A cooling fan and temperature monitoring function prevent failures due to overheating.

Colour temperature can easily be modified with mechanically secured plug-in flash tubes and a plug-in protecting glass with or without UV coating. The memory function saves data inputs at shutdown or in the event of a power failure. Six different modes can be selected for the W modelling light, including six different modelling light proportionality levels as well as full-power and energy-saving modes.

Flash monitoring is both visual and acoustic using a modelling light dim or boost function during charging, as well as a buzzer. The dim function causes the modelling light to dim automatically while charging; this not only confirms that charging is occurring but also reduces the load on poorquality mains systems. When taking flash pictures without the modelling light, the new boost function switches the modelling light to full power while charging. This provides confirmation that all the units have triggered, and at the same time allows a quick check of framing and focus.

The modelling light can also be set proportionally to other broncolor compact units and power packs. In proportional mode, the modelling light matches the selected flash output. With a weight of only 3,0 kg 6,6 lbs Minicom 40 or 3,3 kg 7,3 lbs Minicom 80 and compact dimensions, Minicom units can be taken wherever you need them without weighing you down. The flash tube, modelling light and protecting glass are effectively protected by a transport hood.

Umbrella holder 4. Test release, ready display green 8. Connection socket for mains cable 9. Fuse Auxiliary functions aux Operating mode modelling light Flash sequence Charging dimmer Buzzer Slow charge Digital flash energy display IR-receiver and photocell 6.

Their wide control range allows very subtle light control, and wireless triggering ensures complete freedom of movement. Using Minicom Compact and expandable. Accessories are an important ingredient in creativity. The range of accessories for the new Minicom is particularly wide, so you can always rely on it for the right light: on location, as an additional studio light or as a first flash system.

With their short charging time and flash duration, as well as wireless triggering, Minicom units are simply perfect for fashion photography and reportage. Automatic voltage adaption, battery converter, generator operation capability, a variety of kit, and a robust housing: Minicom is the ideal light for travel and outdoor work.

For photojournalists, the separately deactivatable photocell prevents inadvertent triggering by other flashes.

The Minicom RFS version can be triggered dependably from as far as 50 m ft away. Because they are compatible with the various series of broncolor units, you can add an extensive range of accessories to your Minicom unit in order to expand your artistic capabilities and creative freedom. Accessories include numerous light shapers, barn doors, two types of softboxes in various sizes, as well as white, silver and transparent umbrellas. There are also honeycombs for spotlight effects, neutral density and CC filters, colour and diffusion filters, spot and projection attachments, a conical snoot and a great deal more.

Reflectors can be quickly latched on and removed with a patented bayonet mount. Especially when using rectangular reflectors and barn doors, degree rotation capability is very advantageous. An umbrella mount is built into the unit. Minicom is a complete system of compact units and customised accessories — including four different kits — that is perfect for portable use and many studio applications. For ceiling mounting, simply install the bracket on the Minicom in the reverse orientation.

The front panel is then the right way up and can be easily read, and optimum air circulation is assured. As many as eight units can be controlled on each channel studio. Radio transmitter with 10 digitally coded channels for wireless triggering.

Distance outdoors approx. Range m ft. The transmitter has a test button for direct flash triggering from the transmitter. Two additional buttons are used to adjust the output of all radio-controlled flash units directly from the RFS transmitter.

Includes 1 sync cable and lithium button cell approx. Interactive function, i. USB connection. Includes software on data medium. The complete setup for demanding jobs in the studio and on location: 3 Minicom 80 units including flash tubes, modelling lamps, protecting glass and transport hoods, 2 P-Travel reflectors, 1 P-Travel barn door, 1 umbrella reflector, 1 silver umbrella, 1 Pulsoflex C 60 x , I IRX2, 1 5 m 6,6 ft sync cable, 1 case, 1 stand case, 3 stands.

The complete kit for a wide range of jobs: 1 Minicom 80 and 2 Minicom 40 units including flash tubes, modelling lamps, protecting glass and transport hoods, 2 P-Travel reflectors, 1 P-Travel barn door, 1 Pulsoflex C 60 x , 1 5 m 6,6 ft sync cable, 1 case, 1 stand case, 3 stands.

Designed for simpler situations and smaller jobs: 2 Minicom 40 units including flash tubes, modelling lamps, protecting glass and transport hoods, 2 P-Travel reflectors, 1 P-Travel barn door, 1 5 m 6,6 ft sync cable, 1 case, 1 stand case, 2 stands.

The ideal introduction to the broncolor system: 1 Minicom 80 including flash tube, modelling lamp, safety shield and transport hood, 1 P-Travel reflector, 1 umbrella reflector, 1 white umbrella, 1 5 m 6,6 ft sync cable, 1 case, 1 stand. The Minicom compact units are available either one-off or in kits.

Even outside the studio, the wellequipped complete kits serve as reliable, easily transportable and high-performance light source. If the unit is operating on an alternative mains voltage, an extension of the charging time results.

If the unit is operating on mains voltage V, the maximum flash energy is reduced to J. Proportionality adjustable to all broncolor flash systems and the various output levels.

Up to 8 units can be controlled per channel studio.


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