Carry your projector along with your documents, or slip it neatly into a slim-lined briefcase. This model goes to work wherever you need it, not only in conference rooms or classrooms but also on business trips or during training sessions. It slips neatly into a slim briefcase and travels with you easily to presentations outside your office. Adopting a new semiconductor-based light source system combining a blue laser, phosphor and a red LED, we have achieved both high-brightness performance enabling projection in well-lit rooms and environmental friendliness with mercury eliminated from the light source. This source achieves high luminance safely by employing a phosphor device to modify the wavelengths and phases of blue laser light.

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The Model XJ-A is rated at 2, lumens with a native resolution of x, and it comes in a sleek case that has a modest footprint Color balance is improved over previous models, but fan noise is still high in its brightest mode, so audience distraction is still an issue when room conditions demand a bright image.

The XJ-A is designed for mobile presenters who face a variety of projection environments. The unusual zoom lens allows for a wide range of placement options, and the included software and wireless connection hardware make the XJ-A a solid performer when it is inconvenient to drag computers and cables along on a presentation. When you switch the projector on, there is about a ten-second delay while the zoom lens adjusts to your last setting, and then a fully lit image appears without the usual gradual increase in brightness.

In previous models, there was a noticeable shading of red and green on the left and right sides of the image, respectively. However, once the brightness level stabilizes, it comes close to its rating with 2, lumens at its brightest setting. Data images are sharp and noise free, but they lack color saturation. Since saturation control is only available for composite video, the only option is to fiddle with color balance controls, and they have only minor impact on saturation. Video images are good although the 1, contrast rating makes it problematic to render distinct highlight and shadow detail.

Like data images, video lacks saturation although flesh tones are well balanced.


Casio XJ-A146 Laser/LED Portable Projector



Casio XJ-A146 Projector


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