Read an Excerpt London, Friday 31, August Temperance kept a wary eye on her surroundings as she followed the link boy through the dark streets. It was nearly midnight, and the bustling daytime crowds had long since gone home. Normally she would never venture out so late, but business had been slow all summer. She could not afford to lose the potential sale at the end of this journey. She listened for threatening sounds in the shadows and kept a firm grip on the stout stick she held by her side. She maintained an equally firm hold on the carefully packed goods she carried in her other arm.

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Men dressed like fops but carried deadly swords. Women flirted outrageously yet still lived under many societal restrictions. The Guilds of London still ruled their members and the country was still uneasily putting itself back together after the upheavals of the Civil War. The women look like Restoration beauties but are the men supposed to be playing dress up in Tudor clothes?

But Jack Bow is dead. Practical Temperance has no time to grieve for the irresistible rogue who gave her one night of comfort in a blazing city. A foolproof plan. Temperance, a member of the Guild of Drapers, has little time or patience for the handsome traveling musician who helped her out two drunk lords called her to a tavern to make a sale. But she is happy to see him the next day when he stops by her shop to flirt a little. John Beaufleur, aka the 2nd Duke of Kilverdale, aka Jack Bow strolling musician, finds himself back in Cheapside looking for Temperance as the fire rages in their direction.

With the City going mad around them, he ensures several people make it to safety before he and Temperance find sanctuary in a crowded inn for the night. There she hopes to claim widowhood status and find a small cottage in which to raise their child. I enjoyed reading about yet another unconventional heroine. Temperance is a business woman in her own right, owning her own shop and doing well for herself. His upbringing, in exile as a peer but with no income and few prospects, has affected him deeply and those marks show in his actions.

The first third of the book zips along showing us the business side of the City of London, the horrible fire and its immediate after effects. The second third targets Jack and Temperance working out their story and coming to an agreement about their marriage but the last third unfortunately drops this grade down. In the end it wore me down and caused the last pages to drag endlessly. I think readers also might need to know about how much looser the marriage laws of the time were compare to post ones.

I think you did an excellent job bringing new readers up to speed with what went on in the previous two books without doing an info dump and characters from those two books are used to advance the plot of this book instead of just showing up to crowd the scenes.


Books by Claire Thornton

Brazahn The amusement in his voice grew more pronounced, even the lute seemed to be laughing at her as he plucked a lively, teasing melody from its strings. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. If I give this five stars, what would I give Dorothy Dunnett? Half-angry at her inexplicable reaction, but unable to deny her compulsion to look at the singer, she pushed forward until she was at the front of claaire standing crowd. Eli rated it liked it Feb 29, The three books of the trilogy tells the story of three cousins against the backdrop of the wars, turmoil and disasters of seventeenth century in general and the Great Fire in particular. He had seen her.





The Vagabond Duchess


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