Page 7: Connecting The Power Cords Disconnect power from the personal computer by unplugging the power cord from either the electrical outlet or the personal computer. CD and any other CDs that came with the computer. Carefully read and follow the instructions for the restore solution that came with the computer the computer. Accessibility Compaq is committed to designing products, services, and programs with improved usability and accessibility for all customers. Page Troubleshooting This chapter is intended for basic troubleshooting only. Page Solving Minor Problems You may be able to easily resolve the minor problems described in this section.

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All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Page 4 Contents Working with the MultiBay F—1 Optical Drive Precautions. For a complete listing of the hardware and software installed in your computer, run Compaq Diagnostics for Windows. Provides quick access to your favorite Web sites, services, and applications. Customizing the Easy Access Buttons All Easy Access Buttons can be reprogrammed to open any software application or data file on your hard drive, or any Internet address.

To reprogram the Easy Access Buttons, complete the following steps: 1. The functions assigned to each mouse button depend on the software applications you are using. Page Serial Number Location Serial Number Location Each computer has a unique serial number which may be located on the cover top or the side panel of the computer.

Keep this number available for use when contacting Compaq customer service for assistance. Page Hardware Upgrades Installation Sequence It is very important that you follow this sequence of steps to ensure the proper installation of any optional equipment. If your computer includes the Smart Cover Lock feature and you 2. Open the computer by removing its outside cover. See the 5. Install any optional equipment. See the applicable sections of this 6. Replace the computer cover. Turn on the monitor, computer, and any devices you want to test.

Page Smart Cover Lock This lock prevents unauthorized access to the internal components. The computer ships with the Smart Cover Lock in the unlocked position. Page 16 Hardware Upgrades To open the computer cover: 1. Turn off the computer and any external devices. Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet, and disconnect 3.

Page Removing The Computer Cover Removing the Computer Cover To install optional equipment, you must remove the computer cover to gain access to internal components. The quick release cover latches located on the sides of the computer allow easy removal of the computer cover without the use of tools. To remove the cover, follow these steps: 1. Page 18 Hardware Upgrades 5. Removing the Computer Cover 2—6 allow them to return to the original position, then lift the cover up and off the unit.

These memory module slots are populated with at least one preinstalled memory module. Page 21 3. Remove the computer cover. Rotate the Easy Access drive bay to an upright position. Rotating the Easy Access Drive Bay 5.


HP Evo D510 SFF Hardware Reference Manual

Asia Pacific and Oceania. Check the position of all cables and wires before raising or lowering the easy access drive bay to prevent damage. Page 16 Hardware Upgrades To open the computer cover: Remove the slot cover from the expansion card cage. Non-operating maximum wet bulb temperature, non-condensing: F Routine Computer Care And Shipping Preparation Never restrict the airflow into the computer by blocking the front vents or air intake.


Compaq Evo D310 Micro-Desktop Technical Reference Manual


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