A noodle clings to my shirt for a moment, then drops onto my shoes with a tomato-sauce splat. Why did I have to get lasagna? I wonder. Then she giggles. I turned around with my tray, and Artie slammed into me.

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Sep 22, Natalie Tobar rated it it was amazing i love this book so much it has alot because it has passion to it. Then, her ex- bff artie has a boyfriend that Hailey likes. I really like this book, and i bet every reader would to.

Feb 23, Shannon rated it really liked it Fun fast read. The recipes are included - making a fun additional option for reading together. Besides fleshing out some characters with autism and food allergies, she also introduces a new character who is Latino.

I liked that Hayley continued to be relatable. In this sequel to Save the Cupcake! I found it particularly interesting that in this book, Hayley made a series of bad decisions, the kinds that are probably typical among teenagers. Papademetriou did a great job depicting the way a teenager might really justify engaging in behavior that they know to be wrong.

In real life, it is generally recommended that be called immediately, and the patient be taken to an ER. I dare say I might have given this book 5 stars if not for this sketchy portrayal of how to deal with anaphylaxis. The reason why I picked this book was to read the rest of the series. This is an alright book, its not my favorite one out of the series because it has recipes in it that arent really good, or easy for young people to learn how to cook on their own.

Reasons why I dont like this book as much as the others because it was too easy to read. I have to make cupcakes for a fundraiser. This book is quite easy in my opinion and it does not have simple recipes that are easy to follow.



Bagor I would rate this book a nine and a half because when I was reading this I wanted to find out more. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We are missing your email address. It really is a page turner, I like how they develop all the emotions and feelings into the characters. She now tries to make Hayley jealous by getting what she wanted. Taking the Cake! Confectionately Yours 2 : Lisa Papademetriou : It just makes u feel part of the story.


Taking the Cake!

Samura Other books in this series. Megan on the other hand is concectionately secret admirers to her crush. The titles are yoirs and upbeat. This book is quite easy in my opinion and it does not have simple recipes that are easy to follow. Taking the Cake!



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