The ending was so interesting. An Easy Thing When his mother dies, he meets with his brother and sister to discuss the estate. Giving the law to the people? If he does find Zapata, will he still be Zapata?

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A killer who in the end he found mirrored inside himself. But now he is plagued by a historical mystery. Is Emiliano Zapata still alive? The concept of exchanging his time, creativity, and perspiration for social position and monetary gain was sold to him as if this rickety structure ascending into the clouds was a golden stairway to heaven.

He hopped off. He finds a comfort in being among the type of people he grew up with. He does something really crazy. He becomes a private detective. Obviously there are times when he would rather not be, just like I have moments in which I would rather be anything but a writer.

Every city gets the detective it deserves, he thought. As far as pay, well, one could almost pay him in soda pop. When his mother dies, he meets with his brother and sister to discuss the estate.

They are inheriting enough money to make them uncomfortable. I, personally, would rather let karma sort it out. I would hope our lives are worth more than the number of zeros we leave behind in our bank accounts. Hector, who is usually overwhelmed with handling one case at a time, suddenly finds himself handling three cases at once.

One involves a dead homosexual engineer. The company hires him to find out the truth, but as he circles closer to the truth, it may not be what the company wants him to discover.

The second one involves the attempted suicide of a teenage girl, the daughter of a movie star who oozes pheromones all over poor Hector. And she, either guessing his thoughts, intuiting them, or perhaps out of a sense of professional gallantry, paused silently for the detective to look her over. The third case is the most strange. He believes the man killed was a double and that Zapata survived. If this is true and he is still alive, he would have to be 97 years old.

Did the wily, handsome, gallant Zapata really escape his assassins? Is this really the corpse of Zapata? If he does find Zapata, will he still be Zapata? How could the living man ever live up to the dead legend? He shares his office with three other men which makes the lettering on their door rather busy.

He feels shame that he ever went away to school because he feels like he went for the wrong reasons. It was so refreshing to spend time with someone marching resolutely downhill, passing by all the rest of us trying to march up the hill that becomes steeper as we ascend. As a word of warning, he might be developing an addiction to soda.

I do believe this is my first Mexico based mystery. This is the second book in the series and the first that was translated into English.


Cosa Fácil



Cosa fácil (2013)




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