Nashicage Forgive the late arrival to the party, but a comment was in order. The middle way is the way. To present a critique as if he had written it just this week is ridiculous. And TfL are also pushing forward with plans for separated cycle paths.

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It served as the standard for UK Highway Code on cycling. This new North America addition is adapted for difference in lane practices and differences in US and Canadian legal code and customs. The book is well written, but definitely in the dry matter-of-fact British style.

It is a complete training manual for using a bicycle safely on the road and covers briefly most other variations of cycling. If briefly covers some of the mechanical aspects of a bicycle, then launches into a chapter on how to learn to ride and bicycle and how to develop skills it identifies as essential to road cycling. From there it discusses safe procedures for road cycling and for many different circumstances and uses.

There is special attention in several areas to cycling with children. It includes a discussion of a large variety of road hazards, including hazards of circumstances as well as road surface problems.

It includes an explanation of how to safely pass a horse and rider! I recommend it to anyone who rides on the road regularly for any reason.

It will help become a safer and more confident rider. I especially recommend it for anyone who commutes by bicycle. Cycle lanes are good right? Well, sometimes. Riding in the middle of your lane is dangerous right? Well, not so much. Cycle paths or shared use paths make it safer for everyone right? Well, no. It also covers alternative modes of riding such trikes, recumbents, tandems, trailers, panniers, options for riding with children or pets, offroad riding, why quite country lanes are so loved, how undulating terrain is easier than flat areas, and where to look for advice on various cycling clubs and sports.

There are also UK and North American editions available to suit those 3 countries so, with the exception of legal differences, would be useful everywhere.







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