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Mauhn But the track was very nice, clean and green. For inspection of parts of more than mm, one or severalextra blocks of defined thickness relativeto the Order are added to the basic Set. C Probes with separate transmitter and receiver SE type for longitudinalwave or angle probes for transverse wave.

In this case each party will have to be aware of several Quality Sheets produced. These devices and their instrumentation, if any, must be verified periodically using modalities defined by the User. Cumulation of 2 neighbouring indications 1.

During these adjustments the intensity must be maintained as low as possible, the height adjustment of the reference echoes is obtained only through the adjustment of amplification. SL the probe is shifted ch lines defined for ccb case. In a Same section, the Designer can determine several classes of severity.

The valuethus Chosen must be considered as a minimum on the totality of the area inspected. Distance amplitude curve DAC Y0 80 20 1. The Quality Sheet will specifythe product to be used. The probe is shifted along parallel lineswith recovering so as to examine the entire area successively. No other inspections exceeding those definedmay be required without mutual agreement of the interested parties.

I did not get a good start with the swimming, but was the best in cycling and running. In case fluorescentproducts are used, the part or area examined must be located in a dark area, where the level of white light will not exiceed 40 Iux. The normal longitudinal probe is manually displaced on the surface ofthe part to be examined.

These criteria only apply to 4ndications to be confirmed, according to the present specification. The probe is placed successively over each intersection of linesas described above. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. The examination must be specified in the Quality Sheet or in the technical specification of the Designer probe used, areas to examine, acceptance criteria and must be defined ch the call for tender and Placement of the Order.

The seconds mentioned specifythe purchase conditions andacceptance standards; they have to be filled in by the Designer with a maximum of objectivenesswith regard to the contract with his Customer.

It is recommendedthat Designer includes one copy of the CCH in the technicalfile handed to the Powerplant upon delivery of the machine.

This document is available in the following versions: It is important to insure the homogeneity of the ink. Ccg must be able to supply high intensity current at low voltage. The Designer decides to either: If complementary inspections are decided by such an agreement they will only have an informative value or will be the subjeet of an amendement to the Order. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Otherwise, the inspection must be carriedout again as of the previous verification.

CCH EN — Free Download PDF The Squares with cross-hatched shading indicate that the type of inspection in question is very difficult or virtually impossible on the areas concerned because of limited-accessibility,incompatibility of shape and method or other reasons; Squares with single hatched shading represent unusual inspections due to diverse circumstances.

T0 insure that all orientation discontinuities are detected, it is necessary to use at leasttwo directions of magnetization which should preferably be perpendicular to each other. Its purpose is to detect possible internal defects in the parts, to designate the indications and to define the acceptance criteria.

Size px x x x x Usually, contracts fkx hydraulic machines require a guarantee covering a certain period of exploitation, after provisional reception of the installation, i. Drying is produced by natural evaporation. CCH The third edition is adapted: These forms will not only determine the Casting quality,but also influence the prices.

The methods of use are specified in the Quality Sheet. MT Magnetic Testing. Post was not sent — check your email addresses! The application of longitudinal wave angle probes is not considered in this specification. After a developing time of 10 to 20 minutes, the indications will be compared with the acceptance criteria.

The Designer will not be allowed to impose more severe conditions to the Founder and the Manufacturer than the ones he has accepted himself. KeywordSpy — Forbidden Cvh the ultrasonic inspection of the Cast steel parts of austenitic or austenoferritic Duplex steels, Special measures must be specified by the parties involved. Ultrasonic inspection cvh radiographic inspection do not supply indications which are directly comparable. Table 3 Sets for both the DAC and AVG methods, the classes of quality 1to 6 in Order of decreasing severity, the notation threshold, the area of consideration of the indications and the attenuation of the back echo.

Subject to the conditions of his contract, the Designer will advise the Customer of the decisions taken orwill by agreement with the latter, find an acceptable solution. TOP 10 Related.


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