Plot introduction[ edit ] In the far western mountains of the Han Empire in ancient China , an aging dragon , his wife who soon dies , and a young slave girl are used, abused and neglected by the cruel Master Lan. Nameless and alone, the slave girl is without hope and her only friend is her pet rat, Hua. After one of the last remaining Imperial Dragons, the mate of the aging one, suddenly dies, the slave girl feels guilty and responsible. She is forced to pickle the dragon for her slave master, Lan, and finds her guilt growing. She finds herself coming to the last dragon, Danzi. The imperial guards discover Ping, who was hiding, and pursue her.

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This book buys it from starting at a comic book shop that much, go is mostly my sister Three-fourths of the novel I liked much, but it has disappointed me the end. This is the novel of a slave girl, who has no name, and that should take care of animals, his master Lan, which is a vague, and a tyrant does not Ladies and gentlemen you know; I have lot of overdue review. This is the novel of a slave girl, who has no name, and that should take care of animals, his master Lan, which is a vague, and a tyrant does not care, and there meets a dragon.

The first thing I have to say is that it has been a success to put this novel in China of the dynasty have, as also surround the protagonist, which in the end will get a name of very good characters including a rat called Hua, which is a rat. Never gets to show any talent in particular except for the friendship, and loyalty it is not little, and more in these times that run.

The novel is very suggestive, and interesting, and is well set. Say this, to denigrate those that are engaged to attack culture, and religion especially Christian , and who dedicate themselves to praise others. The world has created Wilkinson is very interesting and very suggestive, taking advantage of the great love, which is in the East by the Dragons.

In the West, you know, that the Dragon is very frowned upon. Some writers such as Michael D. I am sure that both Michael D. Away from me show my disagreement with Michael D. I like you know I am a great admirer of Michael Ende and the dragon Fujur in "the neverending story". I have also heard that Naomi Novik stories are very entertaining. Where the dragon is more terrible and evil than one can imagine. However, I believe that I will continue reading novels of dragons.

This novel, and I return to the topic main reminded me much the fantastic MedStar of my beloved Michael Ende its MedStar of Jimmy Buttons starring a guy from Jimmy black and a machinist, and in the first book facing a dragon.

The writer of detective novels S. Why help Danzi to fulfill his wish that it is reaching the sea, although that put it in danger. If at first Ping depends on the dragon, papers were upset in the second part and it is Danzi, who just depending on Ping. Not to mention the scales with good magic which are 81, and bad magic that are Yet not all magic is good, for example, there are some evil wizards necromancers , in fact, the part of Wucheng which is the village of magicians is the best book by far apart from that will have to overcome an ambitious, addictive and dangerous Hunter of dragons called Diao, who will be the main stumbling block during throughout the novel.

It will also face the superstition of the Chinese people, and Ping will be she is a special person, and not only for their skills but by their fortitude, and their spirit of sacrifice. It is capable of giving up what you like most by Danzi. However, the dragon is in my opinion who is not at the height thing to Ping, and considered it to Ping, as a means to their ends.

In this case to reach the sea. Even trick it to achieve their goal. It promises a reward, that is not going to meet. Treatment suffered by Ping when Danzi with Wang Cao becomes insulting first, and then slashing the betrayal vale that Wang Cao, who is a guardian of frustrated dragon has some envy of Ping, because she is a keeper, and he does not , and above is female, and slave, but an ancient creature as Danzi can access these low passions by lot of friendships that you have with Wang Cao is unacceptable and rejected, except for a strange stone, it is essential, and reach the sea the rest cares well little.

So has displeased me If I was more like the young emperor, albeit a bit capricious, and consented normal since it was raised in abnormal circumstances. It aroused my sympathy and curiosity, and not only the Ping, but what pleases me most is that Ping will return good for evil, and shows that it is someone to be trusted. The final will be the beginning of a saga. It is a very interesting book, and if it had not been for the final part I would have liked a lot more.

Anyway, a recommended reading. I ask forgiveness to users of Goodreads by not having been able to deliver this review yesterday, when I promised her you, although circumstances of force majeure avoided this Este libro lo compre de oferta en una tienda de comics a la que voy mucho, sobre todo va mi hermana Tres cuartas partes de la novela me han gustado mucho, pero me ha decepcionado el final.

Algunos escritores como Michael D. Estoy seguro de que tanto Michael D.


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