Texas go home this is the new king! Now, where is my floor? This is just oversick! Great intro! Remember me the flyby across the misty mountains from the beginning scene of the two towers LOTR. Very very very very impressive.

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Apply countless rgbaa of tweaking texture and landspace generator, and you get this. Very clever 4k, I just wish camera paths could be better. Visuals are perfectly matching with the tune. The stills at the beginning look so real, they could be photographed.

I cannot wait to experience Elevated under Windows 7. Ok, this is fucking good Pixelshader-Coder. The music plays and I get to watch 6 single frames during the whole intro — the rendering of ixaleno was faster: My faith in PC-scene is at least partially restored.

Works as sweet therapy. And Commodore 64 and Amiga long before that. Mars 4k 16 years before There you go, I give you my heart. If I remember correctly it depends on the ekevated popularity and the number of thumb-ups. Still a very neat demo, but not from the same category. Well, there are a couple with OpenGL. Also, I like the music and the sync of it with those lovely sky lasers: Would love to have cam control above this fantastic landscapes.

Dude, that is sick! Thanks for making it, guys: It will overwrite the original file. How do you rggba make that on 4k is amazing: I get a black screen for a while, then the sound starts playing but I get no visuals. VERY well done dudes! I remember how I bored all the non scener people at my birthday party to death trying to explaing what bytes are and why this is cool! Elevqted in the day we only had Second Reality by Future Crew and it blew our minds. No idea where my thumb was until know, but I remember dancing to the music at the last BP: This is one of my favourite examples when I want to show some clueless person what powerfull and magnificent works of art the demoscene puts out.

Very photorealistic look, amazing code, a new top dog in the 4k pound! We should cooperate again, Vienna style I was at BP09 and this intro together with Jesus Christ Motocross demo were absolute highlights of the party. Related Articles.



Nisar I guess it has done even better than did Heaven 7 back then among 64k. Trojan in Qin7 compat elevaetd You could have fitted a fist in my mouth. Interesting read, but be warned: Great stuff, but still it feels kinda boring at some moment. Still, definitely a thumb up. This is one of my favourite examples when I want to show some clueless person what powerfull and magnificent works of art the demoscene puts out. Just please accept this philosophy of making demos does not make me any extatic.


Welcome to the world of computer graphics. Ok, this is fucking good Pixelshader-Coder. Congratulations for the scene award: Working on a phd in computer science now, so it had a pretty big effect on me you could say My favorite demo in all size classes. I updated my DirectX and now the intro runs fine.





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