Jul 27, Jerry rated it it was amazing An excellent look at the story of King David, and what it means to us today. What Pastor Lucado brings to life is that those same challenges face us today and we can use David as our example and win over these challenges just the way David did. The chapters deal with desperation, raging bosses, dry season, disappointments and dashed hopes. Through it all there is God who gives the strength and wisdom to overcome no matter what the challenge of the giant is.

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THEME: The giants we face today may be unemployment, abandonment, sexual abuse, depression, bills, grades, whiskey, pornography, a career, a mistake or a future.

Actually, the title is half of the battle. We must face the giant. No hiding, no running away, no cowering in fear. Transition: The obvious Biblical starting point is the story of a boy and his battle with the giant. The Odds Are Against You.

The slender, beardless boy kneels by the brook. Mud moistens his knee. Bubbling water cools his hand. He is searching for rocks. Smooth stones. Flat rocks that balance heavy on the palm and missile with comet-crashing force into the head of a lion, a bear, or, in this case, a giant.

Goliath towers above them all: nine feet, nine inches tall in his stocking feet, wearing pounds of armor, and snarling like the main contender at a World Wide Wrestling Federation championship night. His biceps burst, thigh muscles ripple, and boasts belch through the canyon. Who will go mano a mano conmigo? Give me your best shot. What odds did Daniel have against his giant? Better odds perhaps than you give yourself against yours. How long has he stalked you?

Joshua drove them out of the Promised Land three hundred years earlier. My dad fought his dad. My granddad fought his granddad. Is this ever going to stop? Transition: With all the giants we must face, where is our focus? Do You See God? But what am I telling you? You know Goliath.

You recognize his walk and wince at his talk. The question is, is he all you see? You know his voice — but is it all you hear? David saw and heard more. The soldiers mentioned nothing about him, the brothers never spoke his name, but David takes one step onto the stage and raises the subject of the living God. He does the same with King Saul: no chitchat about the battle or questions about the odds.

No one else discusses God. David discusses no one else but God. A subplot appears in the story. The people know his taunts, demands, size, and strut. They have majored in Goliath. David majors in God. He sees the giant, mind you; he just sees God more so.


Facing Your Giants: God Still Does the Impossible



Facing Your Giants


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