Vitilar Figure Drawing for Fashion Design is my third favorite. Here, realism and anatomical precision are the chief values, whereas drawinh costume and fashion, stylization and exaggeration are ways of adding individuality and verve to a plate, and of focusing attention on specific elements. Skip to main content. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

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Customer Book Reviews Excellent Book! Black on Dec 31, I am very picky about fashion illustration books. My two favorites are written by Kathryn Hagen. Figure Drawing for Fashion Design is my third favorite. The illustrations are very well done. The women seem rather masculine, but the proportions are accurate and it is easy to make simple modifications to create more attractive faces with less angular features. I think, perhaps they are angular to emphasize the underlying structure.

From what I can tell, most of the faces are the same. White women with high cheek bones and huge lips. I get the feeling there were a few illustrators who contributed to this book, because some of the illustrations are quite fluid and beautiful, while others are lacking. I attended FIDM, and most of what I learned came from my own determination, common sense, and observation of photos in fashion magazines rather than any book that was provided which, by the way were completely unacceptable!

Had this been our text, I think my we did. Although I am fairly good at fashion illustration, there is lots of information that I found useful, and I think this book is an excellent reference for designers at any level of experience. There are many different models, all shown in various, and even dynamic poses. There are some lovely hands from all different angles, and great examples of all types of foot wear, also from many angles. Those are the sections I found most useful.

The section on flats is comprehensive and shows a great deal of detailing including top stitching with various silhouettes. Excellent instruction on how to place a garment on the body, and how to make the fabric look real and drape properly. There is a copy of a production schedule, croguis for flats from different angles most books have only front and back. It shows how to build a fashion figure from scratch, starting with a stick frame, adding cylinders, then fleshing out the curves, once again, from many different angles, which is not very common in most books of this nature.

I would very highly reccomend this book, even if you have only a slight interest or one time need for a fashion illustration reference. Even the less attractive drawings are useful. I wish I had more books like this, and at such a low price, I almost felt like I had stolen something! The book features a plethora of examples to teach how to draw faces and poses in correct proportion, as seen in professional fashion illustrations. The examples in the book are large, facilitating the use of tracings prior to free-hand drawing.

Anyone who wants to learn fashion design, especially teenagers interested in the field, will find this book an invaluable asset. Fabulous book for Fashion Designers! It is much bigger than I expected. You really get your money worth! I read one review where someone was complaining about the nudity. If you are studying figure drawing, get used to it and get over it. Another few said that the figures were super womanish which is a little true but it is super easy to make small alterations to the forms if you just want to use the ones in the book.

Even the clothes in the illustrations had Dallas style shoulder pads. But some of the templates for poses are useful and it would be ok as a starting point. Minichiello on May 02, This book is full of graphics and excellent information about drawing the fashion figure. I teach fashion design and illustration and I recommend this to anyone, beginner or intermediate! Kennel on Apr 29, We got this for our teenage daughter to learn the beginning steps of fashion design.

I think for the reviewers who said it was too basic for them, they may be more advanced, but for beginners this is a lot of foundational groundwork to learn about drawing bodies and clothing.

I would recommend this for high school age and above as a first book to try out their talents and learn some of the basics. For an introduction to fashion design it is a huge and detailed volume. It covers enough of the business side of fashion design that it can help a person decide if the career would really interest them. Well worth the price! Fashion made easy By Ian Mull on Mar 13, This was a great book with fabulous sketches and ideas for upcoming fashion designers.

The book presents sketches for all the different styles and cuts of clothing. Highly recommend!! Better than expected! I have been looking for a fashion design instruction book for a long time now. I was thrilled when I received it and immediately opened the book to find everything I had always hoped for.

Being that I have no formal art or fashion training, I thought this book was exceptional. It has tons of pages of basic fashion design drawing concepts, templates, body positions.

There are so many samples that, with practice, any beginner can really get a good grip on. If you think you might be interested in this area of drawing, get this book! In my opinion, a rare gem! In pages, about 26 pages include partial or full color. There are no photos or backgrounds, just figure drawings on white paper. About a quarter of the figures presented are nude; the rest of the figures having at least a little bit of clothing.

I really like the application of simple, 3-dimensional basic shapes to fashion figures here. Mixed feelings By Deepti Lamba on Jan 31, The book has all the information one needs about the female anatomy, the only down part is that most women drawn in it look muscular. And I bought the book knowing the fact since someone in the review section had warned about it but then its a treasure strove for anyone wanting to get good tips on how to draw the female form.

Great for those of us who are visual learners! By Kendra Wikoff on Feb 04, absolutely thrilled with this book! I think that any designer or person looking for a how-to drawing book is probably looking for something with fewer words and more examples; this book does just that.

So many great examples of a drawings from start to finish, with a few guidelines to help along the way. It gets down to the details in facial expression and features; it even shows how to adequately draw flats! Lots of pictures, not enough instruction By Gennifer Bell on Jun 08, I just got the book in the mail and flipped through all of the pages. I saw a lot pictures, but not a lot of detailed instructions.

I know how to draw basic figures, and was looking to advance my skills. This book is more for the beginner who does not know how to draw at all. This was second book that I have bought from Amazon that was just ok, but got great reviews. I will just wait on my upcoming Fashion Illustration class in Fashion Design school for some more detailed, higher level instruction.

Not a book for beginners. I expected it to Barnes on Nov 11, Not a book for beginners. I expected it to have helpful instructions on how to draw figures, not trace and use pre-existing ones. I can download free croquis from the internet. The seller refused to allow me to return it, so I am stuck with it. Helps designers like myself put further detail in their designs, with explanations on how to do so.

They even break down the Law of Proportion. Its great! A good buy for any aspiring fashion designer. Though beginners may find it hard to keep up with. By Usbrasa on Nov 29, Great and different styles to work with! Good book, very pleased that there is more than By Amazon Customer on Nov 02, Good book, very pleased that there is more than one language.

Thick it gives a number of drawings that are very useful to the sketcher. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Jan 08, It was published by Pepin Pr and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.











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