Things die. Believe me, I know. There are only three ways to do it: a silver stake through the heart, decapitation, and setting them on fire. There are also good vampires walking the world.

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Things die. Believe me, I know. There are only three ways to do it: a silver stake through the heart, decapitation, and setting them on fire. There are also good vampires walking the world. But they do have superhuman senses that make up for it: sight, smell, and hearing. Both kinds of vampires need blood. Instead, they keep humans around who willingly donate small amounts.

They volunteer because vampire bites contain endorphins that feel really, really good and can become addictive. I know this from personal experience. These humans are called feeders and are essentially vampire-bite junkies. Still, keeping feeders around is better than the way the Strigoi do things, because, as you might expect, they kill for their blood. I think they like it. If a Moroi kills a victim while drinking, he or she will turn into a Strigoi. Some Moroi do this by choice, giving up their magic and their morals for immortality.

Strigoi can also be created by force. If a Strigoi drinks blood from a victim and then makes that person drink Strigoi blood in return, well.

This can happen to anyone: Moroi, human, or. Dhampirs are half-human, half-Moroi. I like to think we got the best traits of both races. I can also go out in the sun as much as I want.

But, like the Moroi, I have really good senses and fast reflexes. The result is that dhampirs make the ultimate bodyguards—which is what most of us are. I have a whole set of special classes and practices I take at St.

I know how to use all sorts of weapons and can land some pretty mean kicks. And really, guys are pretty much the only ones I beat up, since there are very few girls in any of my classes. Through another weird genetic fluke, however, Moroi and dhampirs mixing will create dhampir children. Half human, half Moroi. Most of these dhampirs are born from Moroi men and dhampir women getting together.

Moroi women stick to having Moroi babies. What this usually means is that Moroi men have flings with dhampir women and then take off. As a result, only the guys and a handful of girls are left to become guardians. But those who choose to protect Moroi are serious about their jobs. Dhampirs need Moroi to keep having kids. We have to protect them. Strigoi are evil and unnatural. Dhampirs who train to be guardians have this drilled into them from the time they can walk.

Strigoi are evil. Moroi must be protected. Guardians believe this. I believe this. Remember when I said every Moroi wields one of the four elements? Well, it turns out Lissa wields one no one even knew existed until recently: spirit. Then strange things started happening around her. For example, all vampires have an ability called compulsion that lets them force their will on others.

Strigoi have it really strongly. Lissa, however, has it almost as much as a Strigoi. She can bat her eyelashes, and people will do what she wants.

But I did die once. It happened when the car I was riding in slid off the road. Yet, somewhere in the chaos—without even realizing it—Lissa used spirit to bring me back. Unfortunately, it turned out that one person did know about spirit before we did. When I realized someone was stalking her, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I broke us out of school to run off and live among humans. It was fun—but also kind of nerve-wracking—to always be on the run.

We got away with this for two years until the authorities at St. That was when Victor made his real move, kidnapping her and torturing her until she gave into his demands. In the process, he took some pretty extreme measures—like zapping me and Dimitri, my mentor, with a lust spell. Victor also exploited the way spirit was starting to make Lissa mentally unstable. He went so far as to encourage her to turn into a Strigoi to help cover his escape.

She ended up getting staked. Still, I now have to protect Lissa from Strigoi and Moroi. Fortunately, I have an extra weapon to help me guard her. Somewhere during my healing in the car accident, spirit forged a psychic bond between her and me. I can see and feel what she experiences. It only works one way, though. Running away put me behind in my training, so I have to take extra classes to make up for lost time.

One is that I sometimes act before I think. When it comes to those I care about being in danger. The other problem in my life is Dimitri. Okay—more than good-looking. Part of what makes it so difficult is that he and I got pretty hot and heavy when we got hit with the lust spell. Victor had wanted to distract us while he kidnapped Lissa, and it had worked. At the last minute, we broke the spell, but those memories are always with me and make it kind of hard to focus on combat moves sometimes.

Hey, no one said high school was easy.


Frostbite (graphic novel)

Once they arrive at the home of the Moroi family he protects, they discover a bloody massacre of the entire family and their guardians, including Arthur. Rose also discovers a silver stake, a magical device which Strigoi cannot touch, meaning the Strigoi must have had human assistance in their attack. The massacre puts the vampire community on high alert. To keep the students at St. During her stay at the lodge, Rose talks to her mother and finds out that Tasha is not only a friend of Dimitri, but she also wants him to be her guardian, and even more astonishingly that she wants to have a relationship with him and as it seems Dimitri is all up for it; she also meets a royal Moroi named Adrian Ivashkov, who shows obvious interest in Rose, and later becomes friendly with Lissa after they both discover they are Spirit users. Rose discovers their plan, and she and Christian run out to stop them.




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