No products in the cart. For a list of Shihan in good standing within Japan, please see www. Also included here are Hakkoryu Yudansha who have established their own dojo under the supervision of a Shihan, and have received their formal dojo licensing from Hakkoryu Hombu Dojo. If you are expecting to see the name of a person on this list but do not, there are various reasons as to why that name may not be shown: The individual may be deceased. The individual is teaching in Japan.

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No products in the cart. That is, when one encounters violence, it can be said that Hakkoryu provides natural, simple, and practical methods that enable one to calmly face imminent peril and move on without hesitation to capture and punish assailants reasonably and easily in an instant. The mere practice that results in the wearing out of practice uniforms does not give birth to the kind of self-protection arts that will be helpful at such critical times. Our Hakkoryu Shodan-gi are designed to prepare one with basic rules to firmly put down such general assaults.

Furthermore, as one makes progress through the Nidan-gi, Sandan-gi, and so forth, the techniques naturally increase in their punishment and severity. The advanced teachings of Hakkoryu allow for the free control of life and death. But such a choice is up to man. The holy heart grows from the natural posture of righteousness.

Therefore, dismiss evil in your heart. Only then will you be ready to learn our secrets. Relax and focus your tanden. Disinterest yourself. With the mind of Hakkoryu, your protection techniques will spontaneously and readily come out without thinking. Calmly focus your spirit, attack the mind of the opponent and shatter his will to its depth. Hakkoryu belongs to the world where spiritual action is given priority over form and style. In Hakkoryu, there is indeed no technical skill without a spiritual determination to carry on without hesitation to life or death.

Hakkoryu, therefore, is mainly for the preparation and training of the mind. Understanding these concepts, learn and practice the spirit and techniques of Hakkoryu until they lead you to a clear perception of your wholeness. Only then can you correctly choose how best to preserve justice and humanity. Moreover, the power of one finger through Hakkoryu Koho Shiatsu can surely save man from another kind of violence emanating from deep within — illness, disease, and injury.

Suddenly, these too may deprive you of your natural freedoms.


Practice the true meaning of self-defense

Hakko, meaning the "eighth light", refers to the ultraviolet band, a band of light that is invisible to human but responsible for causing sunburn while at the beach. This invisible yet powerful band of light is used as an analogy for Hakko Ryu, whereby "the faint and weak in appearance comes surprising strength". The number eight can also represents infinity in Japan, the name therefore suggests an infinite number of techniques can be derived from it. Hakko Ryu Jujutsu training employs strategies to defend oneself using subtle movements rather than strength, yet powerful in execution, not unlike the ultraviolet rays of the sun. In he moved to Kanda and opened another dojo called Dai Nihon Shidokai. This marked the beginning of the split from Daito-ryu, as by this time Takeda was very old and his son Tokimune was still very young.


Hakko Seishinkan Dojo

Traditional Martial Arts Suigetsu Dojo offers instruction in several arts whose roots and values are founded in the samurai traditions of Japan. Jujutsu also sometimes spelled Jujitsu, Juijitsu, or Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that, like many other martial arts such as karate or taekwondo, includes stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks. What differentiates Jujutsu from other martial arts is the added focus on joint-locking techniques, throws, and ground-fighting skills. Jujutsu is about self defense, not offense. We work one on one with military, law enforcement and security personnel requiring specific training. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to meet them.

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