Honeywell Multitrend SX Paperless Recorders accept upto 48 analogue inputs and a selection of pulse and digital inputs along with relay alarms outputs. The unique Honeywell Trendview credit system adopted by the Multitrend SX paperless recorders also offers the user an array of advanced functionality. This includes features such as totalisation, high scan rates, thermocouple health check diagnostics, email alarm relay functions and customised displays. A standard onboard data memory with 70MB will store approx 16million data points. This memory is expandable 25x upto MB. For pharmaceutical applications, Honeywell Multitrend SX paperless recorders can be ordered with an extended security option.

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Honeywell Multitrend SX Paperless Recorder The Honeywell Multitrend SX Paperless Recorder reliably records electronic data in a secure format from directly connected sensors or transmitters that can be used for documentation of the process conditions and process improvement. Its large Users can customize the display of the Honeywell Multitrend SX Paperless Recorder to gain an easy understanding of what is happening in the process. This also allows operators to make the best decisions regarding the actions required based on the data displayed.

Its Ethernet feature, along with the TrendServer Pro software, provides plant-wide connectivity to the recorder. Up to 8 Analog outputs can be used to retransmit a process variable to another device like a controller or PLC. The data can be set to store on a per pen basis with a rate of 20 msec up to 60 hours providing the flexibility required for most applications.

Storage rates can be switched to a secondary rate using the Events capability of the recorder. The patented Fuzzy Logging allows the recorder to be set up to log data based on how the data is changing; this can significantly reduce the amount of storage space required for the media.

Data Security — the Multitrend SX creates encrypted data files that can only be read and analyzed using the TrendManager Pro software tools to insure data integrity. Features include audit trail and password protection with enhanced time out and reuse limitations to comply with the requirements of 21 CFR Part Communications connectivity — the standard Ethernet capability along with the TrendServer Pro Software provides plant-wide connectivity of the recorder so those that have a need to see and review the data can get easy access to it.

A standard RS connection is also available. The use of these displays allow the screens to be customized to provide the best representation of the process data for easy understanding and better navigation through the recorder operations and configuration. Event Marker System — the Multitrend SX has a unique Event Marker system that allows the user to program process actions to cause the desired effect within the recorder or to trigger external actions based on process conditions or logical expression in the recorder.

Software Support Tools — a full complement of software tools are available to support configuration, data analysis, graphing, data archiving, real time communication, batch analysis, management of the database and custom screen design.

These tools make it easy to set up and use the recorder.


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