This took up quite a bit time in design and prototyping. The project dates back a few years when I needed an easy to build small clock multiplier. The multiplier was supposed to accept a regular through-hole and put out a frequency twice the crystal frequency. While designing that circuit, I stumbled across the ICS

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The device also has an output enable pin which tri-states the clock output when the OE pin is taken low. This product is intended for clock generation. It has low output jitter variation in the output period , but input to output skew and jitter are not defined or guaranteed. For applications which require defined input to output skew, use the ICSB. Connect to ground. Select 1 for output clock. Clock output per table above. Select 0 for output clock. Output enable. Tri-states CLK output when low.

Internal pull-up. Crystal connection. Leave unconnected for clock input. A decoupling capacitor of 0. It must be connected close to the ICS to minimize lead inductance. No external power supply filtering is required for the ICS Crystal Load Capacitors The total on-chip capacitance is approximately 12 pF. A parallel resonant, fundamental mode crystal should be used. The device crystal connections should include pads for small capacitors from X1 to ground and from X2 to ground. These capacitors are used to adjust the stray capacitance of the board to match the nominally required crystal load capacitance.

Because load capacitance can only be increased in this trimming process, it is important to keep stray capacitance to a minimum by using very short PCB traces and no vias between the crystal and device. Crystal capacitors, if needed, must be connected from each of the pins X1 and X2 to ground. Series Termination Resistor A 33? These ratings, which are standard values for ICS commercially rated parts, are stress ratings only.

Functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods can affect product reliability. Electrical parameters are guaranteed only over the recommended operating temperature range.

Units k? While the information presented herein has been checked for both accuracy and reliability, Integrated Circuit Systems ICS assumes no responsibility for either its use or for the infringement of any patents or other rights of third parties, which would result from its use.

No other circuits, patents, or licenses are implied. This product is intended for use in normal commercial applications. Any other applications such as those requiring extended temperature range, high reliability, or other extraordinary environmental requirements are not recommended without additional processing by ICS.

ICS reserves the right to change any circuitry or specifications without notice. ICS does not authorize or warrant any ICS product for use in life support devices or critical medical instruments.


ICS501 simple frequency multiplier



Frequenz-Vervielfacher ICS501


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