Jun 04th, or four. Jun 06th, Made a format change; Various guide alterations. Jun 23rd, Drops added to SG Bosses. Also a few minor corrections.

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If you like this guide, be sure to drop me an e-mail and tell me about it. The only thing this guide cannot do is play the game for you. Contributors added and credited. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation.

Breaking any of these rules is in direct violation of copyright law. This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective companies.

If you are a webmaster of the site that wishes to post this document, you may do so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission. If permission is granted, you cannot change a single character of this document, and you must leave it in txt format. This is much faster than scrolling through entire guide. Each search code will appear only twice in whole guide - thus getting stray hits will be impossible. Latest Updates G Read what was added in last update.

Legal Information G Copyright protection and legal info. Table of Contents G Sections of this guide. Introduction G A bit about myself and this guide. Abbreviations G What do abbreviated words stand for?

Walkthrough G Guide from start to finish. Seraphic Gate G Seraphic Gate tidbits. Achievements List G Complete list of achievements. Item Creation Lists G With ingredients and effects. Shop List G List of shops. Later Additions G?? Past Revisions G?? Credits G?? Thank you. Contact Info G?? Made by Tri-Ace, and published by SquareEnix, this is a tag-team combo that truly delivers.

I want to see how the work can be done under circumstances. All the story elements that were supposed to surprise me had such effect. Hence why I do not want include any spoilers except names of cities, dungeons and NPCs you must address to continue the storyline.

Old habits die hard But I am a player who wants to obtain everything in the game all items, and that sort of stuff. First stage will consist of walkthru only, guiding the player from start till finish of the game.

Second stage will have most quests incorporated in body of the walkthru as they become available. Third stage will include everything else lists of items and that sort of stuff.

I believe that when a player consults a guide, player wants walkthru first, subquests second and everything else last. Are you ready? Select your desired settings, and press A to continue to intro sequence. You can do so through Paypal, the account is: lifearmor gmail. I hope it meets your expectations in completing the game fully in order to provide maximum enjoyment.

I truly and honestly wish you good luck. If you want just to beat the game and experience the story, go for "Easy" mode first.

But those who want to get maximum enjoyment from the game, go for "Normal". I chose "Normal" mode for first playthru. There are will be other dedicated guides for that.

Once downloaded, it will allow you to buy a selection of materials from any shop! And best of all, both "A Voucher" and "B Voucher" is free! It is indicated by red energy balls. It is indicated by yellow energy balls. It is indicated by green energy balls. AP allow Capell to use special effects of certain attacks lifting an enemy into air, or knocking an enemy down. Arrrgh, enought with tutorials, get me some action! Use your newfound knowledge to get rid of two stooges they will be your worst nightmare on "Infinity" mode.

Aya joins the party after the battle. There are six archerwomen, and if none drops the bow, reload your last save and try again. You can get this bow via enchantment later, but the required ingredient is very hard to obtain, so I recommend getting the bow now. I think we should make our escape now - go E from your position and thru the open door. Aya will give you several items and spill her beans on camping. You should always perform camping when there are no enemies around, because game flows in real time when menu is open.

Menu now becomes available. Proceed S by going upstairs. Looksie, a treasure chest! You can also talk to people in same manner. You can destroy such chests with several sword swings. To open it, you need to Connect with either Vic or Komachi and examine the chest while Connected. Once approached, chest turns into an enemy - kick its ass to obtain small amount of EXP, but big fol award. To get chests out of reach, you need to Connect with Komachi and use one of her skills to claim contents of the chest.

As for boulders, you need to Connect with Balbagan or Gustav and use one of their skill to break the rock, thus freeing the way to the chest. Ryan P. An axe will always break the item in the chest. Equip them, then continue E towards SPN. Deliver it to his family wife Anne and son Ralph in Burgusstadt for a prize. Return to SPN and proceed N for another tutorial. Connected chr will also speak and examine in place of Capell.

With this Connect menu becomes available. If he detects you, some more guards will come running. Now go E and attempt to enter the elevator for a scene. Wait for Fatass to enter the room and slip by him. Return to the stairs and begin waltzing - draw the sword and destroy two barricades.

Keep going up until a cutscene - further up you have two guards, barricade and two explosive barrels. Further up is explosive barrel and two archerwomen. When you kill them, pay attention at the railing - Vembert will attempt to climb onto it. Quickly target it and slash at his arm to cause him to let go - hehe. Smash next barricade, ignore two explosive barrels for now, give Vembert some more medicine for not climbing over the railing and kill two archerwomen ahead. Further up a cutscene runs showing Vembert running after Aya I knew he was a pervert.

Things will get hairy now - you have three barricades ahead, five explosive barrels two in front of barricades, three behind , two guards in front of barricades and two archerwomen after barricades. Connect with Aya and shoot explosive barrels in front of barricades to clear these, as well as two guards.

Kill archerwomen as well and hurry on. Smash two more barricades or let Vembert do it, carry on for another cutscene. Let go and the explosion will knock Vembert out. Now you may want to return downstairs and shoot up all explosive barrels we passed as well as destroy any missed barriers.

Save at SPN, then exit the prison. This goes away when you approach a light source. To make it through the forest, follow the torches. Pass the torch and continue for a scene where Aya notices two apples in the tree above 2nd torch.

Further ahead near 4th torch a scene plays and tactics are introduced. Tactics are now selectable.


Infinite Undiscovery – Sidequest FAQ

Zologrel As you hold it, you will see face buttons masked to available party members. It is very rewarding to advance the plot and accomplish the many, many sidequest available along the way. Head up the stairs and imfinite apart some weak wooden barriers that are in your way, then continue up the stairs as they wrap toward the right. When the battle is over, another cutscene will follow. Woo, I got a C rating.


Infinite Undiscovery – Enemy Encyclopedia FAQ

Hints and Tips by sakurayule Version: 1. Jun 06th, Made a format change; Various guide alterations. Any questions, comments, or critiques should be sent to the email provided at the top of the page. This guide is copyrighted to me, Sakura Yule, and is intended for private use only. Alteration of this guide is prohibited. Duplication and hosting of this guide is prohibited without my consent. Fan based sites will not be given hosting consent.


Infinite Undiscovery – Hints and Tips

Version: 1. Any questions, comments, or critiques should be sent to the email provided at the top of the page. This guide is copyrighted to me, Sakura Yule, and is intended for private use only. Alteration of this guide is prohibited. Duplication and hosting of this guide is prohibited without my consent. Fan based sites will not be given hosting consent.

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