Garbage Disposal Toaster 2. Perestroika is Russian for openness. It is the policy that Gorbachev has followed that has opened up the communist nations towards self-determination. The first action we take utilizes the technique that is frequently used in names to convert words to pictures that one is already familiar with.

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Garbage Disposal Toaster 2. Perestroika is Russian for openness. It is the policy that Gorbachev has followed that has opened up the communist nations towards self-determination.

The first action we take utilizes the technique that is frequently used in names to convert words to pictures that one is already familiar with. If we can not even prono unce the word correctly then we need to take the preliminary step of causing ourselves to surmount this obstacle. Keep in mind that this problem of not being able to pro nounce the word correctly is deadly to correct spelling. Now you have no excuse to ever misspell a word more than once! Decide to circulate and make an effort to meet everyone.

Then go on. Alcohol increases your self-confidence but ruins your memory. I often will give everyone in the room that I plan to meet an identifying description so that I have every single person uniquely catalogued in my mind. I call this… giving people a See- Tag. Examples are: Big ears, blue suspenders red vest, silver suit, etc.

But numbers do play an important role in our lives. Time is becoming more and more precious. Time wasted in looking up telephone or other numbers is money out of your pocket. In addition to this, the person who can remember form numbers, marketing or other business data, regulation numbers and other business figures impresses others favorably with his knowledge. This leads to praises and raises. The problem with most numbers is that they have no meaning.

Some people still make words out of the letters of the telephone dial to take care of the three figure prefix. Sometimes you will see a telephone number advertised as a word. For instance, may suggest time for lunch. It happens to be the year in which the Magna Carta was signed. If you picture the King and his nobles for lunch at to sign it you will remember the date. We missed it by twenty minutes.

He was troubled by the necessity for remembering the chapter or section of the law that applied to a particular offense. For instance, he told me that section applied to rude and disorderly conduct. I asked him if he knew anyone who lived at number on any street. He said that he did. I suggested that he picture himself arresting that person for that offense.

He carried this out in many, many areas and not only became chief, but trains his men very quickly. He took a present meaning of the number and added to that meaning the new meaning with what the offense covered. Ever since you were born you have been associating the new with what you already knew. When I ask older service men to give me their serial numbers it comes out frequently as a rhythm. They have been given eight numbers in one uninterrupted or ungrouped block.

They had to figure out their own system for it. Today when the army serial number is the same as the social security number it comes out three digits, two digits, and two pairs of two digits because it has been set up in those groups. In many areas, you know the first three digits of a telephone number but have trouble wit h the last four. Doing this adds meaning to the numbers. Another useful technique is to exaggerate. Picture yourself painting the numbers in big figures.

A police officer who took my course pictures himself painting license numbers on the back of cars in big figures in contrasting color to that of the car. How many times have you lost written directions? How many times has misfortune and inconvenience occurred merely because of a sheet of paper?

How much longer are you willing to let the forces of order or confusion — whichever one reigns on your desk [grin] control your everyday life? Well, more power to you. Congratulations for realizing that your memory could use some improvement!

At first, it may seem to you that using the technique described here for remembering directions is more trouble than it is worth. Please ignore that idea. So please ignore the utterly wrong idea that this technique is not worth applying, because you will find that its use will make your life a great deal easier. Pegging the Address: The first piece of information you should memorize and hold on to when memorizing directions is the address.

Los Angeles, CA. Part 2: The name of the street, ex: Wilshire Blvd. Part 3: The name of the city, i. Pegging Part 1: These are the instructions on pegging the number part of an address, or any number, for that matter. In order to utilize this technique, one must select a peg list to use, preferably one that they already know. It only needs to be 10 items long, although a 20 item or greater peg list would be easier to use.

If you do not know or do not want to use the tree list, either substitute your own list for ours, or look up and learn the tree list which is in Lesson 2, of this tutorial.

Simply look, and see which peg number 15 is on the tree list, and peg IT to your toe. Place 15 on the tree list is a paycheck. So now, peg a paycheck to your toe! A paycheck cuts your toe — ouch! Paper cut! So how would YOU remember the number 10? Try pegging it on your own, then read on.

Peg the 10 bowling ball from the tree list to another peg such as your knee on the body list. For example, you could drop a bowling ball on your knee — ouch! Peg the 1 tree from the tree list on your toe, then chain the 1 tree to a 0 donut. For example, you kick the tree with your toe, breaking it, then the tree falls on top of a donut. That way, when you want to recall the number, look at your toe. This technique works with a number of any length.

Merely add numbers into your chain, or peg more numbers. However, in the mean time, if the number is greater than 20, just peg them one digit per picture. This is where chaining becomes very useful. Note: There is one particular specific that must be present in a list such as the tree list that is used as a code list. This is the number 0. There must be an item for 0, else there will be some numbers such as that could get tricky. We use donut for the number 0 item on the tree list. Think of a donut with the hole in the middle shaped like a zero.

Pegging Part 2: Part two of a given address is merely the street name. In this case, it is Wilshire Blvd. Do the same thing. A Boulevard is a bowl with art painted on it. Pegging Part 3: The last part of an address is the city. At first, you may want to peg the directions, then try to chain them.

As you gain experience, you can start using longer and longer chains. Memorize the directions? Easiest thing in the world , you say. All you have to do is convert all the Street names to pictures just like you did when you memorized the address.

There are a few small complications. For example, how would you specify in your chain or peg whether you have to go East or West on a street? How could you tell if you have to get on the northbound or southbound freeway? Turn right? Turn left? These questions are easier to answer than you might think. We, in our infinite wisdom grin have outlined a set of specific actions for use especially for memorizing directions.

Get on the San Diego Freeway South, you say? Slash a sa nd dune!


Mega Memory by Kevin Trudeau Scam or not?

He attended St. In , he pleaded guilty to 11 counts of credit card fraud and spent two years in federal prison. The firm was successful until the Attorney General of Illinois charged that it was running a pyramid scheme. Trudeau and Nutrition for Life settled cases brought by the state of Illinois, and seven other U. They promoted a range of products, including health aids, dietary supplements such as coral calcium , baldness remedies, addiction treatments, memory-improvement courses, reading-improvement programs and real estate investment strategies.


Kevin Trudeau

Hopefully it will be able to clear up some misconceptions and at least give you a good idea of what to expect from the product. This is exactly what I expected. John Whittle wrote to me about his specific experiences: While his claim of a photographic memory is a stretch, I have found it very useful. I have memorized the 42 Presidents and the dates they took office and also 55 of the major battles of the Civil War and their dates, History is my Hobby and many other shorter lists. I can go for months without using the lists and recall them easily.

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Kevin Trudeau - Mega Memory Workbook


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