We are also asked what model is best. We have decided to make this page to show you the difference in the Kirby vacuum cleaner models. This is not a technical page about Kirby Vacuums. To get that information, you will need to contact the Kirby Company. Disclaimer All information we have provided is third party information. The information contained herein is what we have learned over the years from repairing and rebuilding Kirby Vacuums.

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Many customers rave about how powerful it is and how it will suck up a lot of debris that other vacuums miss. It will remove virtually all dust, debris, and allergens. The side discharge system is patented by Kirby and pumps the exhaust away from your body as you work. Height Setting Having seven height settings is a nice touch.

It gives users a lot of versatility to clean just about any floor surface, from bare to deep-pile carpeting. This is obviously a real work saver. Most people report being far less tired after a round with this Kirby than with standard push vacuums weighing a lot less. The fact that Kirby engineers were able to keep the weight under 25 lbs. Attachments The included tools with the Ultimate G Diamond Edition are one of the most impressive aspects of this vacuum. You get a tool for literally any imaginable task!

The removable brush tip in the crevice tool is a very useful feature. One of the most common accolades is the incredible suction power. Many owners have written that this fact alone makes the vacuum worth every penny. There are only a couple of complaints that are common among these owners.

One is the weight, which at 24 lbs. However, this is the trade-off for getting a vacuum that is self-propelled. The extra energy you have to exert lugging it up stairs and out of the closet is more than offset by the ease with which you can move it around on the floor once you power it up.

Another fairly common complaint is the cost. Is it so much better than models costing only a few hundred dollars that the price is justified? Probably not, but it is clearly one of the best vacuum cleaners ever created. You can find vacuums that are close enough to the Kirby in quality for far less. Created: 16 July Modified: 26 November Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Mrs Clean Corina Wilson is not only the owner of the company, but a very busy mother of 3 children.

The battle seems to never end When Mrs Clean is not busy managing her house cleaning company or running her kids back and forth to their events, she enjoys experimenting with natural and non-toxic cleaners and learning new techniques to remove stains. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her valuable information with the readers of her blogs and various social media sites. Valuable Cleaning Tips! All rights Reserved.


Kirby G Series Manuals

Amazing vacuum cleaner, astoundingly great value and well built published 5 months ago After struggling with a variety of vacuum cleaners over the years, from the top dollar Dysons to the cheap Shark brand, I have had nothing but frustration and aggravation with them. From filters that need changing every 20 minutes, to cheaply built accessories, hoses that are too short, parts that break, and poorly thought designs that defy logical use in any household other than a child free, dog free, sterile "ikea" designed show home. I bought the Kirby G7 Ultimate Diamond series second hand and was struck by how well it was made. I hoppe Read more d onto youtube and watched some videos on how to use it, then hopped on ebay to buy some replacement belts and bags.


Kirby G Series Owner's Manual


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