Los dioses, los Grandes Antiguos, los genios, las serpientes y los ogros acudieron, curiosos, al verle caer. Sin verdaderas ambiciones. Fue el destino el que lo dispuso todo. No yo. En Europa, Hitler y Mussolini nos preocupaban tanto como la creciente influencia de los rusos.

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Por lento y por tonto Y poco a poco me fue ganando. Y he acabado disfrutando enormemente de las aventuras del improbable agente David Tewp de MI6: una suerte de Parsifal moderno capaz de enfrentar el mal absoluto personificado en la lujuriosa pareja Galjero sin perder Una muy agradable sorpresa. Recuerda al mejor Buchan y es muy, muy entretenido. Ya estoy esperando poder leer el segundo tomo.

The main character was a bit bland in terms of complexity, but I genuinely found him humorous at times despite himself. His outright ineptitude provoked more than a few laughs from me. The writing style was a bit difficult to follow. Stiff most times and was not naturally easy to read.

This is a real shame since the story genuinely had enough elements to make it a page turner. The author shows a good ability to create suspense, and there were quite a I would like to give this book 3. The author shows a good ability to create suspense, and there were quite a few scenes that bring genuine horror to the reader. Obviously it ended on a cliffhanger with quite a few questions unresolved. It is not a typical story about Nazis searching for esoterical relics of power but a more complex story, with fantasy lurking in a not so abusive way.

Perhaps sometimes slow paced, the story slowly shows a greater plot that may be developed in other books of the series.


Los ogros del Ganges – Philippe Cavalier


DIN 19534 PDF

Los Ogros del Ganges


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