Weight with Batteries: 3. The light will be available in several colors, including black, grey, silver, blue, and red. Batteries Many low-cost LED lights use the 3AAA form factor because the voltage from 3AAA batteries is capable of directly powering the LEDs, but this form factor usually requires a plastic caddy to hold the batteries and is generally considered undesirable in high performance lights. Constant pressure from the battery springs often strain the plastic to the point of breaking, and dislodged batteries after dropping the light is not unheard of. Of course, contrary to low-cost lights, the XL is regulated to provide consistent output until the batteries are completely depleted. Seeing that Maglite is known for quality and reliability, I was particularly interested in what kind of battery carrier Maglite would use.

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This thread was the spark that I needed to get me moving on this. The emitter module is pressed in from the battery side. Some light taps with a rubber mallet onto a flat blade screwdriver with the blade placed beside the emitter much like you would try to take a Rebel Mini-MagLite apart will eventually get the module out.

The retaining ring itself is screwed into the body of the light from the battery compartment side. The tools required to take these apart are a strap wrench and a long 12mm Allen wrench. The slots that you are engaging are tapered, starting at about Apparently, the tailcap of the XL controls the negative current to the emitter to control the modes so I thought that the emitter module might simply be an LED without any circuitry but there is a resistor and a small chip on the board.

The module itself was something that I wanted to take apart, too, so I took this one apart since I had cut the cannister while trying to remove the retaining ring and I accidentally knocked the dome of the Rebel emitter off during deconstruction. It looks to me like there is a small circuit board sandwiched between a thin metal ring on top and the plastic piece with the contacts on the bottom.

This sandwich is then glied to the can, exposing only the very top of the sandwich. As a likely mod candidate I would not use this light. The gee-whiz UI is pretty cool but the fact is that it will take a lot of effort to do anything with this light as a host.

I do not know if the tailcap will work with a Sandwich Shop driver nor do I think that direct-driving an LED using only the tailcap current to drive it would work well. I have to try it, though.


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