Majorette became the main French manufacturer of Matchbox -sized miniature vehicles scale variously pegged to 3 inches long. The varied piece sized were not to scale with one another. Majoretfe other projects Wikimedia Commons. Among these were the series of semi-tractor trucks. During the s, many larger cars, trucks, farm and construction vehicles were introduced in the 4 to 6 inch size. This venture was abandoned in when Majorette found itself insolvent again, and through a tribunal at the commercial court of Paris, a sale was katlaog to Simba-Dickie, who bought Smoby.

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Molkis Among these were the series of semi-tractor trucks. And in they bought Solido. Zinc injection molding equipment, nearly all plastic injection machines, and all mechanical equipment — needed to be replaced. During the s and s Majorette made play sets called Majo-kits.

These were standard sized Majorettes that, when pushed down on, produced a siren blare with flashing lights. Around the same period, Mr. Besides their important kqtalog presence, Majorette relies heavily on commercial sales to foreign markets. Packaging for Majorette models has always had a red or orange motif. However, this was well executed, and even if the cars lost some katallg, they had a particular, attractive solidness and style not like the competition. Soon illustrations appeared, and the cards appeared with either red or blue backgrounds.

These varied from the Lincoln limousine to farm tractors and trailers and cement mixers. The company soon became the largest French toy car manufacturer. These cars were usually offered in two packs. Actually, the shiny silver metal base itself gradually disappeared from new models, replaced by ordinary black plastic, a cost saving solution common in many toy brands.

Majorette and Solido today remain a part of the Simba-Dickie group, which is more commonly called Dickie Toys. Despite some occasional poor paint choices, and an intriguing fixation with the silver grey, the style change has been successful. This is a normal 2. For the dancers and performers, see Majorette dancer. The period had a tremendous impact in the quality of the miniatures. Similar to Matchbox, Budgie or Siku, the standard series of cars was about 1: This venture was abandoned in when Majorette found itself insolvent again, and through a tribunal at the commercial court of Paris, a sale was granted to Simba-Dickie, who bought Smoby.

Some new models were released later than originally expected, for example, the Nissan MuranoFiat Panda and Mercedes-Benz SLK were due to be released inbut they did not reach the market until Autumn These were promotionals advertising the new bus service, but though the labeling was true-to-life, the toy Majorettes decorated bore little resemblance to the real Londonlink buses Rixonp.

For example, s series cars and trucks sported a nostalgic looking somewhat art-deco-style blister card package with yellow at the bottom which changed upwards to orange, red and then purple.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Majorette. Each piece had at least one hole on it where objects such as traffic signsstreet lightsparking metersrubbish bins, flowers telephone booths and even buildings could be inserted. In the late s to early s, the Brazilian toy firms of Inbrima and Kiko manufactured Majorette models under license. More plastic parts are now featured katalkg the Norev cars and metal bases are common on their new castings, in contrast to Majorette kstalog has now moved downmarket with plastic bases, and less expensive tampo printing for headlamps instead of clear plastic pieces.

These came in militarypolicefireand ambulance versions. Related Posts


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