Saraswati Vandana Benefits of Saraswati Mantra Chanting Saraswati mantra regularly improves memory, speech, and concentration in studies. Saraswati mantra has the power to eliminate ignorance and confusion and bestow intelligence to the devotee. Saraswati mantra can help make learning easy and improve memory. Even those aspiring to go in for higher studies and research work can benefit tremendously from regular Japa of Saraswati Mantra.

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Let that goddess of words, Who has four hands, Who holds the garland of crystal beads in one hand, Who holds parrot, white lotus and book in other hands, And who is as lustrous as kunda flowers, moon, conch and crystal beads, Live always in my face and bless me.

Let Sarawathi whose feet is worshipped by asuras and devas, Who holds a very attractive book in her hands , Who is wife of Brahma and who sits on a lotus, Always dance on my words. Oh goddess Sarswathi born out of water who shines like saffron, Who does penance and likes open lotus to sit, Who has stout breasts and has shifting eyes like the lotus flower, And who controls the mind , please become my giver of boons.

I salute Goddess Saraswathi who grants blessings and takes forms that she wants, I am starting my education , Please always let me succeed in this my venture. I salute Goddess Saraswathi , salute and salute the Goddess of all, Who is embodiment of peace , who carries the moon , And who is the master of all yoga , and whom I again and again salute. Salutations to her who is always joyful , who does not have any basis and who does not have any stains, Salutations to her who is the basis of education who has broad eyes and is pure wisdom.

Salutations to the one whose form is like a clear crystal and who has a micro form Salutations to the voice of God who has four hands and have all accomplishments. Salutations to her who has decorated all her body with pearls and who is the root basis, Salutations to her who is of the form of the root manthras and who is the root power.

Salutations to her who is spiritual , a great yogi and goddess of words, Salutations to the goddess of sound who holds a hand in blessing and blesses Salutations to Goddess of knowledge , who has Vedic form and is known by Vedas, Salutations to the Goddess who differentiates between good and bad and is the light of good Salutations to Goddess of all wisdom who is ever joyful and takes all forms, Salutations to the all knowing one who is full of joy and who is full of everything. Salutations to her who has the form of Yoga , who is goddess Lakshmi and is the joy got by yoga, Salutations to her who has divine knowledge, who has three eyes and has a divine form.

Salutations to her who wears the half moon and who has the form of a moon, Salutations to her who is equal to Sun and moon and who wears moon as an ornament. Salutations to her who has the form of an atom, a big form and a form of the universe, Salutations to her who has the eight occult powers and has the form of joy.

Salutations to her who has the form of wisdom and science and is the personification of knowledge, Salutations to her who has the form of different shastras and who has variety of forms. Salutations to her who is lotus , belongs to the clan of lotus and has the form of lotus, Salutations to the principal goddess who has a divine form and destroys sins. Salutations to the great Goddess, to the great Kali and the great Lakshmi, Salutations to her praised by Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva and the lady of Brahma.

Salutations to her who dwells in group of lotuses and who can take any desired form, Salutations to the wife of Lord Brahma and who is clever in her work. He who reads id daily in the morning and evening will get occult powers in six months, He who reads or hears it will not have any fear of the wild tiger. This prayer to Saraswathi which is written by sage Agasthya, Would lead to all powers and destroy all sins. Devi Stotram — Saraswati Stotram Stotram Lyrics in English Ya kundendu tusharaharadhavala ya shubhravastravrita Ya vinavaradandamanditakara ya shvetapadmasana Sa mam patu sarasvati bhagavati nishsheshajadyapaha 1 Dorbhiryukta chaturbhim sphatikamaninibhai akshamalandadhana Hastenaikena padmam sitamapicha shukam pustakam chaparena Bhasa kundendushankhasphatikamaninibha bhasamana.


படித்ததை தேர்வில் மறக்காமல் இருக்க சரஸ்வதி மந்திரம்



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