There were times where I thought I would never see the end. I originally picked up this book in the hope that it would point the way to some answers for some dreams I have occasionally. It did that. The first half of the book was pretty interesting. I admit that quite a bit made sense and more than a few of the predictions seemed to have actually occurred while I was reading it the rise in school shootings, pandemics and an upturn in war, for Thank goodness. I admit that quite a bit made sense and more than a few of the predictions seemed to have actually occurred while I was reading it the rise in school shootings, pandemics and an upturn in war, for example.

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Link to the January newsletter posted. Feb 2nd, Seed Thought of the Week : Our individual livelihoods depend on our own creativity to produce what is necessary for our well being. Jan 13th, As predicted in the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Vol 1, the year would be a very hot year.

Jan 5th, Seed Thought of the Week : When we realize our true identity as souls, not bodies, and discover and live our soul missions, we thrive. From our Philippine counterparts: One needs to realize that any happiness that is based on something or even someone never lasts. Only the joy of the spirit endures forever. Jan 1st, New Years Message from the Amanuensis Seed Thought of the Week : From our Philippine counterparts:The competitive nature of physical survival has embedded in the psyche of the majority a strong sense of rivalry manifesting as "me first" attitude.

The key to survival and preservation of order and harmony is through cooperation. One must realize that our interdependence manifests our Oneness being Souls. Would-be parents can study the ageless wisdom to understand the place human reproduction has in the evolution of the soul and can then make a conscious, reasoned decision about whether they wish to undertake this important and arduous task, and how they can prepare themselves for it.

Nov 24th, Seed Thought of the Week : Free human beings are owned by no one and have the right to freely associate with other human beings when and where they choose. From our Philippine counterparts: Driven by greed and poverty, a significant majority is entrapped in all forms of gambling, from pleasurable and innocuous side-street wagers to lotteries, high stake casino games and the more sophisticated and absurdly massive speculations in derivative trades.

From our Philippine counterparts: One must realize that more than just a financial status, being poor is a state of mind where one allows himself to be stripped of hope, pride and dignity, and to be controlled by his benefactor. Nov 11th, Link to the October Newsletter posted. Nov 10th, From our Philippine counterparts: Productivity is an expression of creativity and positivity, the innate expression of the Soul.

Nov 3rd, Seed Thought of the Week : Wisdom dictates that people evaluate their circumstances and resources in the light of these accelerating changes and position themselves to be a beacon of help.

Oct 27th, Seed Thought of the Week : The evolution of mankind is a cosmic cyclical progression through a series of seven planets called "Rounds". The Earth is Round IV. From our Philippine counterparts: Filipinos need to realize that they are engulfed in a culture of political patronage which threatens their right to be properly represented and heard. Oct 20th, Seed Thought of the Week : At the end of this major cycle, which is in its last days, dependence on the status quo is dangerous.

Ignoring the end of cycle will not make it go away. It is not by rioting in the street to try to force the government to continue to give people benefits that will bring them happiness and prosperity. People need to deepen their soul contact.

From this contact, they will increasingly see life from the perspective of the group rather than just the individual, and will see how to create their own livelihood and system of support for themselves and their communities.

From our Philippine counterparts: The earth abounds with free sources of energy. Let us harness the energy of the sun, the wind and the atmosphere and thereby free ourselves from the control of the DF. Let electricity harnessed from nature be freely and easily accessible to humanity. Oct 6th, Seed Thoughts of the Week : The central banks of the world claim they are printing money to create inflation to create jobs.

This policy is what is being pawned on the public whereas QE infinity is really a prop for the crumbling derivative market, which, if allowed to crumble would drag down the whole world financial system. From our Philippine counterparts: A critical mass of Filipino citizens, who until now have been generally taciturn with their views on political or social issues, are creating a massive wave of protest in cyberspace as they assail the implementation of the Cybercrive Prevention Act, a newly enacted law suppressing the freedom of expression and breaching the basic right to privacy.

Oct 1st, Indisputable scientific and photographic proof of melting of the Arctic. Sept 30th, Link to the September Newsletter posted. Sept 29th, Seed Thoughts of the Week : In this age of truth, truth must be expressed.

Injustice must be opposed. Silence is not always golden. Stating truth is not being judgmental. Judgment carries weight when it is discernment based on deliberation rather than emotional criticism or attack. By their works you shall know them. From our Philippine counterparts: The sense of lack and insufficiency inherent in a person compels him to preserve himself by securing his future and continuously amassing what he feels will satisfy his want. This becomes the seed of greed in man driving him to violate the natural balance of things.

The physical is a natural state of need and insufficiency that has no lasting satisfaction. The sense of lack one feels is the Divine Discontent or that innate urging coming from the Soul to unfold. Knowing this sinister maneuverings is vital so one can maintain a strong stance to resist being used as pawn by the DF.

Calmness and fortitude comes from an understanding of the current evolutionary cycle and from alignment with the Soul. Sept 16th, Seed Thoughts of the Week : When the next phase of the financial crisis erupts, all money in electronic accounts will be vaporized by the implosion of the derivatives market.

All are advised to systematically remove their savings from the financial system and put that money into minted gold and silver coins, a little physical cash, and the real goods and tools that they can use to flourish when the financial system dissolves.

From our Philippine counterparts: The severe drop in agricultural yields resulting from intense drought scorching the heart of the granary of the West and its devastating impact on the cost of production of other food chains, fuels and other industrial products, complicated further by the inflationary consequence of the poor management of the global economy — all these factors are pushing the world into an unprecedented food crisis.

As this continue to aggravate into the future, being one of the necessary cleansing humanity has to endure, a way to prepare is to cultivate or find access to a food source as can be managed since the government will find itself helpless to feed the starving populace.

Sept 15th, Link to the August Newsletter posted. From our Philippine counterparts: All religions, no matter how disparate each one may be in form, have their fundamental meaning in One God, the God Within. Aug 25th, Seed Thoughts of the Week : Current forms of government have been hijacked by those seeking personal power and wealth.

The best form of government is guided by true spiritual principles; its members are solidly guided by their own souls and are established on the occult Path. People can know that higher vibrational manifestations of brotherhood, peace, truth, and an esoteric understanding of money and economy make for a higher form of order in alignment with the law of hierarchy and soul liberation.

From our Philippine counterparts: With prices of commodities consistently rising over time, a situation characteristic of an economy based on paper currency, most people have been conditioned to accept inflation as a normal environment and have learned to survive its impact. With such an unquestioning attitude, they have succumbed into a blind resignation and are unable to even consider the more dreadful scenario of hyperinflation or deflation, or worst, of a total economic collapse.

Aug 20th, Seed Thought of the Week from our Philippine Counterparts Aug 19th, Seed Thought of the Week : Revenge accomplishes only the perpetuation of cycles of inner and outer misery. Attention to compassion and forgiveness has the power to break these cycles.

Aug 12th, New Podcast : Dr. In the past, they have eventually been seen for what they are, even though the masses have been temporarily duped. However, the time lag between the emission of the lie and the mass perception that the lie is just a lie is narrowing.

We are now entering that very sought-after period where the mass consciousness can now instantly perceive official pronouncements of policy propaganda as lies, thus rendering these lies impotent.

Let the process of seeing official lies for what they are penetrate more deeply into the mass consciousness. Aug 7th, New Video posted : Dr. July 28th, Seed Thought of the Week : Living on the physical plane--where our vision of past, present, and future is imperfect--and in the free will zone that is planet Earth, mistakes are an inevitable part of life.

It is best to treat mistakes with honesty, learning the lessons they provide, and with a sense of humor as all of us stumble along on our evolutionary path. July 21st, Seed Thought of the Week : Do not be fooled by the claims that the war in Syria is a war for justice.

Neither side in these wars has the slightest interest in justice. This is all manipulation of people, politicians and countries by those Dark Forces who seek to create and sustain continuous war for profit on Earth. When humanity realizes this, war on this planet will end.

July 14th, Seed Thought of the Week : will be a reality shift that is part of greater and lesser cosmic cycles. For humanity is a shift to higher dimensional frequencies, involving the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Part of this involves freedom from dark force manipulations, raised levels of consciousness, true brotherhood, and abundance, all of which are a part of our entry into the golden age. July 8th, Newsletter page updated with links to April-June newsletters.

July 7th, Seed Thought of the Week : People can do themselves an enormous favour by getting their money and assets out of their banks NOW. They can disregard the various dark force controlled media reports that tell them their money is safe and get it out promptly, followed by immediately investing in gold and silver or any useful exchangable items that be can bartered and can help them to survive during a total economic collapse.

June 30th, Seed Thought of the Week : Sixth Root Race children, adults, and parents of these incoming souls can liberate themselves from these drug-related schemes by the dark forces to lure them away from, or destroy their potentials, to fulfill their parts in the divine plan by understanding where these souls are coming from through studying and retaining an open mind to the ageless wisdom and so protect them from the knee-jerk reaction to medicate them and psychologically pigeon-hole them because of their unusual behaviour which is a result of being born into difficult vibrations.

June 23rd, Seed Thought of the Week : A worthy alternative to the current system of global commerce, with its vast overhead and extreme specialization, is barter. This could be the direct exchange of goods or services between people or businesses. Or it may use the medium of a barter currency. Those practicing barter now are preparing themselves and their communities for an easier transition into a balanced local economy based on what is real.

June 16th, Seed Thought of the Week : The price of gold and silver as flashed to the world is nothing but what the Dark Forces want us to believe. It is a lie. Let the true price of precious metals emerge from the dark chambers of the Dark Forces and present its true value exoteric and esoteric to mankind. In this way only will mankind gain the proper guidance needed to navigate through this period of transition. June 9th, Seed Thought of the Week : The dark forces intentionally use governments and the media to present people with policies and behaviors that are so deranged that most people feel the need to turn away, look down, and concern themselves solely with the mundane details of their daily life.

Most have experienced the dismay and disbelief that leads to a desire to shut out the world. To counter DF control, and to maintain broad horizons in their own awareness, people need to see this attack for what it is, to think for themselves and take appropriate actions. June 3rd, New Video Posted : Dr. The Brotherhood of Light have given to the world meditation techniques that a person can practice to help them navigate through the chaos by connecting with their true selves, their souls.

These meditations are the golden ticket to soul contact and the new age, as well as allowing practitioners to be calm focal points of light, discrimination, and usefulness to others during these times. They will not survive no matter what methods of survival they adopt. That is the surest and best preparation anyone can adopt at this point. If used by the private sector, they are bound to mislead and result in wrong business decisions.

If used by the governments themselves, they are bound to result in misguided policies. Official statistics have little to do with the truth and only put a legitimate face on bald lies. For this reason, it is best to discount them and refer to other sources of statistics. Competition engenders fear, separation, and vast wasting of resources. Collaboration brings real progress, evolution, and joy, and aligns with the essential unity of all life and the cosmic laws.

Death is to be celebrated as the dropping of the limiting physical body and the entrance into the fuller life of the freer soul.


The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies: The Events Leading up to the Year 2012

The Foundation was created as a portal through which the Great Brotherhood of Light of the Spiritual Hierarchy could provide Its guidance to humanity during these final battles between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, commonly called the Armageddon for lack of a better term. We march onward, the violet ray comes forth; and the violet ray covers them, they slip from under it; they fight back. The violet ray covers them yet again and again and again until it eventually takes over. We, as lightbearers, are expected to do our part in this battle here on earth plane. The Spiritual Hierarchy cannot do this work for us. They can and do, however, give us their full assistance if we only choose to invoke their help and prepare ourselves adequately.







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