Eine der beiden Handschriften war ein grosser, mit prachtvollen Bildern verzierter Codex mit Sagas aus dem Ende des Jahrhunderts, die andere aber war ein kleines, unscheinbares und fast schmuckloses Manuskript: Die Haupthandschrift der Lieder-Edda. Diese Handschrift bezeichnet sich selbst nicht als Edda. Aber das ist einfach eine Ableitung, weil die Prosa-Edda ein Skaldenlehrbuch ist. Wer war dieser Snorri Sturluson?

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Reviewer: realist-viking - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 18, Subject: Fantastic book I find this a fantastic book.

Common criticisms of this book include: [a] it reads as if written in stone, and [b] it is hard to read. The latter objection is answered by the fact that this book is written for study rather than leisure-time reading. Nevertheless, when I got used to its style, I also started using it for leisure-time reading, and I have been greatly enjoying it since.

The former objection is answered by the fact that we need to get a clearer understanding of our religion, and we need to get beyond any Wicca-style mysticism.

We cannot stay in the unknown; for we must try to know as much of our ancestral tradition and lore as possible. We have to make decisions in the reconstruction of our faith to make it a faith that is just as much alive as Hinduism or Buddhism.

We have nothing to lose, but we have only to gain. Open-mindedness is the answer. Reviewer: vikingsociety - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 3, Subject: Fairly Good. This book has a lot of knowledge and is easy to read. Overall a good book for someone new to Odinism to understand the lore.


Liederedda - Grimnismal - Das Lied von Grimnir



Asatru: Germanisches Heidentum heute


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