My name is Mattias, I live in Belgium, and I am not primarily a woodworker but a builder of model boats — a pursuit that of course involves a fair amount of woodwork, but at a much smaller scale, where what in full size is usually measured in inches tends to be counted in the same number of millimetres Anyway, earlier this year my wife and I moved house, one consequence of which was that I now have a very nice and roomy basement workshop, in which I will be able to fit in both more and larger tools and other equipment than what was the case in my previous work space. I have been giving this quite some thought over the last few months, including the option of going for a larger, floor-mounted 14" saw. However, given a my limited usual needs cf.

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Record Power BS9 or BS250?

Save this manual for future reference. Should you need advice on the repair or maintenance of this product, our Customer Service Department can be contacted on and will be happy to assist you. Do not use saw blades which are damaged or deformed. Replace the table insert when it is worn. When cutting round timber use a suitable device to prevent twisting of the workpiece. See section 8 Fig. Record Power Bandsaw Safety v1.


Precise, Portable, Single Phase, 2" Swage Press.


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