Wash the tender dammodaran, drain, and pour a tsp of castor oil and mix over it. How to make easy and quick potato rice with step by step. Add in tomatoes,spice powders,brinjal and mix well. Dhokla Ingredients and Methods reckpes Dhokla Warm the water.

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She got this recipe from a keeper at the famous Athangudi tiles factory in the chettinad region. Its a very interesting recipe and the addition of tamarind and fennel seed heightens the flavor of the kara adai. Unlike dosa and Appam , the batter does not need fermentation.

Just a couple of hours for the ingredients to soak and once ground with aromatics, the batter is good to go. Here is how to do Chettinad Kara Adai. Get all the ingredients ready. We will first make a kara spicy masala. Add a tablespoon of water at a time to grind.

Set aside. We will be using a combination of parboiled rice and raw rice for this recipe. We will need parboiled rice, raw rice, chana dal, toor dal, urad dal and moong dal. Wash and soak the ingredients in water for a couple of hours. Do not add lots of water. Just enough water to cover the ingredients. Once the ingredients are soaked for a couple of hours, grind them in a mixie with the water used for soaking to a thick paste. Transfer the ground paste to a bowl.

Usually, adai batter is ground to a very slightly coarse paste. Its up to you. If you like smooth texture, then grind it fine. If you want slightly coarse texture, grind it to a coarse paste very slightly coarse. Add in the kara masala and salt. Mix well. Add in chopped onions and coriander leaves. If the batter is very thick, thin it out with little water.

The consistency of batter should be slightly thicker than idli batter. Heat a dosa griddle until hot on medium flame. Ladle half a cup of batter and spread it on the pan.

Flip the adai once after 30 seconds. Cook the Adai for about half a minute on each side, until golden. Serve hot.


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