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Premium leather and bolstered seats maximize cruising comfort, and striking exterior designs reflect your personality on the ramp. SR20 Premium Weight: lbs. Bold colorways complement exciting new exterior graphics and interior details such as jet black vents, carbon appearance instrument panel lobes and two-tone premium leather and Alcantara bolstered seats complete this exhilarating look. Platinum Appearance The Platinum Appearance design suite exudes quiet confidence. Fluid lines and a distinguished collection of exterior colors highlight this desirable option.

Satin silver vents, a painted spinner and solid color premium leather bolstered seats provide the perfect finishing touches to complement this stylish aesthetic. Rhodium Appearance Timeless and sophisticated, the Rhodium Appearance design suite defines modern luxury with iconic simplicity. Make your statement with a striking yet subtle exterior in one of two stunning metallic hues. Satin silver vents, a painted spinner and solid color premium leather bolstered seats provide the perfect finishing touches that complement this rich Cirrus style.

Upgrades Cirrus owners already have an unparalleled appreciation and expectation for quality and performance. Now, Xi takes this one step further through individualization — by making you an integral part of the design team for your dream airplane. A unique experience worthy of every flight you will make in your Cirrus, you will develop a personal working relationship with the Xi Team, working one-on-one to tailor your plane to your exact specifications and preferences for materials, colors, designs and more.

With Xi, you define the art of the possible. You will develop a personal working relationship with a Xi Specialist, working one on one to tailor your Cirrus to your exact specifications.

Xi customers will be invited to join us at Cirrus Headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. Here you will meet face to face with your Specialist in the Xi Studio to make important design decisions and become a part of the Cirrus culture at work. Tailored Design You will work with your Xi Specialist directly to select all materials and options for your aircraft.

With each decision your Cirrus will take form. Your design team will create sketches and send samples to help you with the details that will make this plane yours. From the exterior paint to every stitch in the seats, you will be involved in designing the Cirrus of your dreams. Color Palette First, choose your base color.

This sets the tone for your exterior look — the color option that will determine just how bold your plane will be at first sight — as the base will be the primary color applied to the entire aircraft.

Next up are the details that will really set your Cirrus apart on the runway. Graphics Cirrus can create any graphic treatment, in any color, size or shape for your Xi to craft an exterior composition tailored to your wishes.


Cirrus SR20 Flight Operations Manual



Explore the SR20


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