Cancelling time delay To cancel the time delay, press the clock button repeatedly. All the water, drainage, mains and earth connections comply with local standards and other applicable standards. Fagor 3F Washing Machine Spares In order to detect it, the following must happen: Instead, contact your nearest service center! How Does It Operate? If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair! Shopping with Partmaster lets you benefit from secure online ordering, fantastic low prices and next day UK fago.

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Gasar Instead, contact your nearest service center! Looking for other manual? A futobetetek jok, a relek latszolag jok. Start display at page:. This is a state-of-the-art power monitoring socket that is highly accurate and easy to More information. Childproof Lock is on. Follow the washing instructions recommended by the manufacturer of the item to fwgor washed.

Takes the programme to the final position 0. Keep all documentation in a safe More information. White Your washing machine door is opened by a plastic handle!

Always turn off fagof unit and unplug More information. Between 40 and 75 seconds delay. Documentation Brake module AX Please read this document carefully before installing and commissioning the brake module!

You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! This is recommended for large loads and garments belonging to users with sensitive skin.

Heater in operation key-lock Indicator. If the power board is continually sending LINK messages to the display board for more than 10 seconds the master can recognise and check the BMF variable EtadoLinkNodosthe F12 fault is then displayed and should be activated in the master.

It is necessary to configure the circuit before starting the machine. It is designed to facilitate the repair of the product described. Deactivate lock b The lock is deactivated when the wash programme ends. Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them.

Omron relek, relative konnyen leszedheto atlatszo kupakkal. In stock Express Delivery available. Ihe fail fqgor the related 10sec timer have to be reset when a correct data frame identification or status frame is received by the Display Board from the Power Board. It fagr located in the detergent drawer. Az E8 hiba tulmelegedesre utal. Fagor 3F manuals Except in reliability program MOTOR F08 Tachogenerator failure, motor blocked — The wash programme is stopped for seconds — The error counter starts counting — If the error counter counts 3 faults the error code F08 is displayed — When the stop time is exceeded the programme begins again If the error does not occur in the next 20 seconds the error counter is reset.

If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair! We hope that you get the More information. Our site uses cookies. This file is downloadable free of charge: Operating and Installation Instructions Washer W Used in machines with variable spin; makes rotating movements when washing and spinning.

Fagor 3F User Manual Please retain this manual 3g information. Megtisztitottuk uvegszal, kontakt-spray es csiszolopapir segitsegevel, osszeraktuk. Washing machine Instructions for use VT D2 Introduction Please read fagog instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the washing machine. Time delay option Time delay selection key A delay of up to 24 hours may be selected.

Washing machine Instructions for use HWB D Introduction Please read these instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the washing machine. Caution, risk of danger. Bridge between contacts 2 and 6. Most 10 Related.





Fagor 3F-111


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