With this background, he was able to attain his Bachelor of Arts at only 17 years of age, and at this time, translated the Handbook of Epictetus. However, this was short-lived, as he soon began to suffer from pulmonary disease. Following the first attacks of his disease, he went to southern France where he wrote philosophical works and poetry. He remained there until his early death at 33 years of age.

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Jean-Marie Guyau. His subject was Jean-Marie Guyau, the Philosopher. When nineteen he wrote a valuable book upon ethics and before he was thirty years of age he was considered the most prominent philosophical critic in France. He really had no system of philosophy. The best that can be said of him is that he adhered consistently throughout his life to a few, disconnected fundamental principles of ethics and metaphysics.

He was great as a critic and as an analyzer. He is, perhaps, the best exponent of the French philosophical movement which started in The three great characteristics of this school are: a strong love of life combined with a coolness of observing our surroundings; clearness combined with an idea of the unity of things; and a cautious sense of human fallibility in philosophic speculation combined with the willingness to run the risk of blundering.

He does not immediately fear that he may be wrong but he "lets himself go" until he has reached his conclusion. He was frank above all things. He was a good husband and father. Troubled all his life with a malady, Guyau did not grumble as most invalids do, but was ever kind and loving. He believed that the one great tle which binds the universe together was love, and in this, as in all things, he practiced what he preached.

He died in at the young age of 33, his constitution ruined by over-work and by the disease, which would have made his whole life a tragedy but for his own buoyant nature.

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