Alrededor del piso circular, una banqueta sostiene varias plataformas, cada una con una estructura enramada que estuvieron dedicadas a los ancestros o linajes. Los conjuntos circulares sugieren un acceso restringido y de uso exclusivo para las familias de gobernantes y las castas sacerdotales. La leyenda de Chicomoztoc. La leyenda pertenece, verdaderamente a los tolteca-chichimecas y fue adoptada posteriormente por los aztecas posteriormente. Chicomoztoc Zacatecas

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Sale Giudicelli, Christophe; Pierre Ragon The Spanish were forced to change their policy from one of forcibly subjugating the Indians to accommodation and gradual absorption, a process taking centuries.

During the colonial period, many Spanish and some Basque settlers had intermarried, or had relations, with the Caxcans making many Czxcanes descendants Mestizos. Consejo de los Caxcanes, Zacatecas Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries.

The Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza called upon the experienced conquistador Pedro de Alvarado to assist in putting down the revolt. Edwin Mellen P, ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The allied caxcanss and Mestizos settled the Caxcan lands in Zacatecas and Jalisco.

The Caxcanes killed a delegation of one priest and ten Spanish soldiers. They are often considered part of the Chichimecaa generic term used by the Spaniards and Aztecs for all the nomadic and semi-nomadic Native Americans living in xaxcanes deserts of northern Mexico.

It also opened up Spanish access to the deserts of the north in which Spanish explorers would search for and find rich silver deposits. Matias de la Mota. Alvarado declined to await reinforcements and attacked Mixton in June with four hundred Spaniards and an unknown number of Indian allies. They would later serve as auxiliaries to Spanish soldiers in their continued advance northward. Nochistlan de Mejia [ permanent dead link ]. Their principal religious and population centers were at TeulTlaltenangoJuchipilaand Teocaltiche.

Breve historia de Aguascalientes. The Caxcan possibly survive today, at least in folk festivals, as the Tastuane Indians.

Indian wars and conflicts in New Spain. Historia de la Conquista de la Provincia de la Nueva-Galicia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He subsequently died on July 4. Caxcan society was divided up into several different city-states. Their elected rulers were called tlatoani. Toward an Understanding of the Man and his Work. But the Spaniards encountered increased resistance as they moved further from the complex hierarchical societies of Central Mexico and attempted to force Indians into servitude through the encomienda system.

Over time, the Caxcans lost their culture due to warfare, disease, and marriage to non-Caxcans. This page was last edited on 19 Augustat The Spanish authorities were now thoroughly alarmed and feared that the revolt would spread. The reports of the excessive violence against civilian Indians caused the Council of the Indies to undertake a secret investigation into the conduct of the viceroy. Mexico Imprenta del Gobierno,p. The Chichimeca War — was a military conflict waged between Spanish colonizers and their Indian allies against a confederation of Chichimeca Indians.

Cambridge U Press,p. Houston Institute for Culture.


ORGANIZACIÓN SOCIAL CHICHIMECA » Rasgos de sus diversas tribus



Chichemecas: Historia, Ubicación, Religión y Economía


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